Why Home Healthcare Offers the Best Quality of Life

As observers, it’s often difficult to watch as our family members and loved ones age. It’s tough to see their bodies and minds slow down as they transform into older, slightly less agile versions of themselves.

It’s also challenging if your loved develops a serious or life-limiting disease. It’s painful to watch them suffer and it can feel overwhelming as a mere loving bystander. You want to do all that you can to ensure their comfort and happiness, and that they receive the best quality of life as they age.

Integracare is a Mississauga home health care provider that has been in operation for nearly 30 years. We’ve been increasing the quality of life to Seniors and bringing them joy with our myriad of exceptional programs and professional and compassionate staff of Caregivers.

Instead of leaving the places they love and moving into nursing homes or other assisted living facilities, more and more Seniors are choosing to stay at home. Doing so gives these individuals independence, freedom, and a sense of dignity that can’t be emulated elsewhere.

With a compassionate, trained, and professional team of home healthcare Caregivers from Integracare, your loved one could flourish within the comforts of the place that they call home.

You and your family could avoid the stresses and financial woes of assisted living and have assisted living come to you. Consider the advantages of in-home healthcare for your family member or friend.


Home Healthcare Provides Deep Companionship


Seniors often find it difficult to get out and socialize because of mobility or mental health issues. Not to mention how hard it is to get around in the Mississauga winters, regardless of what your age is.

Integracare offers unique companionship services to help your loved one maintain the best quality of life through caring and sincere interaction with their Personal Support Worker (PSW) Caregivers and Registered Practicing Nurses (RPNs).

We match Caregivers and Clients based on medical needs and interests, and we work with you and your family to create a customized care plan that suits your loved one.

All Integracare Caregivers are registered or certified and exhibit exceptional compassion, are dependable and knowledgeable, and are trained to handle any challenging situation that may arise.

We also provide in home dementia care treatments in Mississauga to Clients with dementia-related diseases.

Dementia is an overarching term to describe multiple dementia-related diseases including:


  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Vascular Dementia
  • Dementia with Lewy bodies
  • Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome
  • Parkinson’s disease dementia
  • And more


To have someone close to you diagnosed with dementia is incredibly challenging. Dementia is a disease is that only progresses and there is no known cure to date. However, you can keep your loved one comfortable with in-home healthcare from our compassionate team of Caregivers.

We have partnered with the Alzheimer’s Society of Toronto so that our Caregivers receive regular, critical training on all of the four aspects of Dementia Care. We’re proud to be Toronto’s only private home healthcare service committed to educating all of our Caregivers in all aspects of this extremely important facet of Senior care.

Life with dementia or simply just as a Senior can be lonely, and you can’t always commit to being there for your family member or friend. Our kind staff of Caregivers is the best in the Greater Toronto Area and the relationships that they develop with Clients are special and long-lasting.


Home Healthcare Provides Support of All Kinds

Why Home Healthcare Offers the Best Quality of Life

Our Caregivers are there to help your loved one with daily tasks around the house such as cleaning, bathing, toileting, and preparing nutritious meals.

We’re also there to monitor medications and have RPNs who specialize in wound and dressing care, should your loved one require this post-surgery or after an accident.

A reason why so many families choose IntegraCare is that we also offer unique services that are delivered right to your family member’s door.


Massage Therapy


Integracare facilitates aging well at home. Our services not only include professional private Nursing Care and Personal Support, we also offer specialized services such as Massage Therapy.

Massage Therapy is an effective therapy for almost any condition that contains a stress component. We have an incredible team of Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs) who have been trained to work gently on Senior clients.


Massage Therapy is great for:


  • Conditions that include pain and muscle tension in the back, neck, and shoulder
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches and Migraines
  • Stress Injuries
  • Anxiety
  • Depression


What makes Massage Therapy so special is that it brings the power of human touch to our Clients. Particularly if your loved one suffers from a serious illness such as dementia or cancer, a gentle massage can do wonders for their wellbeing — both physical and emotional.




We also provide Clients with in-home physiotherapy sessions with our professional and certified team of physiotherapists. Our team works in conjunction with your loved one’s RPNs and PSWs to provide specialized and customized assistance.

The practice of physiotherapy focuses on your loved one’s recovery from an injury or managing chronic pain. It also helps treat carpal tunnel syndrome and other musculoskeletal conditions and stroke recovery.

Physiotherapy involves guided exercises and stretches to improve posture and comfort and to improve safety at home.


Home Healthcare Provides Assistance with Errands and Transportation


Integracare offers home care services in Mississauga that include ensuring that your loved one’s days are joyful and fulfilling.

Our PSWs assist with chores around the house and make sure our Clients are well looked after, but we also help out with things such as transportation, social outings, and activities.

We try to keep a sense of normalcy with our caregiving. We love to take Clients to their regular social activities so that they can continue to be part of their community and mingle with friends. We take them shopping or out for coffee. We’ll drive them to and from outside medical appointments.

Our Caregivers also interact with Clients by engaging in fun, stimulating activities such as board games. We also encourage creativity and taking up hobbies.

Engaging in mentally stimulating activities helps with brain development, especially when Clients are in the early stages of dementia. It’s also a calming distraction for those who experience agitation, anxiety, or depression.


Home Healthcare Provides Family Support


Our Caregivers become bridges between you, your loved one, and their doctors. Sometimes it’s difficult to know exactly how your loved one is feeling, and you do have a right to know.

Our Caregivers are there to offer not just personal support to your loved one, but they’re also there to help you through this, which can often be, a challenging part of life.

You want to be as present as possible but you can’t always be there, and that’s what we’re there for. We do our best to bring as much joy to your loved one as possible, and we want you to feel relaxed and confident in our skills.

Home healthcare is a great option if you want your loved one to be safe, comfortable, happy, and healthy. Talk to your family and investigate your options.

Integracare is proud to have a mission to bring joy to all of our Clients. Because of our hardworking Caregivers and staff, we truly believe that we’re the best in what we do.