COVID testing services

As 2021 unfolds, the COVID-19 virus continues to circulate and infect the global population. Many people have had to cut back on their news intake because something grim makes the headlines every day. To say the last year has been a challenge is a massive understatement. With the new variants popping up, strict lockdowns that never seem to end, and worldwide mental health issues rising to the surface, people are scared and exhausted.

However, as bleak as all of that sounds, there’s hope. Vaccines are slowly but surely rolling out in Canada, and people are finally able to see a slight glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. For example, over 12.5 million Canadians have already had their first vaccine shot (33.8% of the Population). There’s proof that this virus can subside with some dedication to safe healthcare practices, and people can start to live relatively ordinary lives.

While this is cause for celebration, there’s still a way to go before life goes back to its old self once again. You must still live cautiously and carefully — remembering to socially distance and wear a mask when out in public. It’s also critical for people to have access to professional COVID-19 testing.

We’re Integracare, a home care agency in Toronto offering compassionate healthcare services for Seniors and Corporate Nursing and COVID Testing Services in and around the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). We’re proud of our 2021 #1 Best Workplace in Toronto and the province of Ontario, #1 Best Workplace in Healthcare in Canada, and 4th Best Workplace in Canada from the Great Place to Work® institute. Further to being committed to providing outstanding homecare to Seniors, we also offer mobile COVID testing services to those who qualify in the GTA.

Testing helps people determine if they’re infected with COVID-19 and if they’re in danger of spreading the virus to others. Getting a test is a preventative measure against the spread of this deadly virus and the most effective strategy for safely getting back to school, work, and other public spaces. We’ve developed our testing services for people who are most at risk of contracting the virus — individuals working in populated areas who don’t have the option to operate from home.

Are you curious to know if your current situation or occupation qualifies for mobile testing? Read on to discover who can benefit from such vital, critical services.

What is Mobile COVID Testing?

A mobile test site essentially means that instead of going to a public testing area, the COVID test comes directly to you. Many people avoid large crowds of strangers — particularly when they’re indoors — because the virus spreads much faster and easier in covered settings. We’re offering a Concierge service for Clients to receive a test within the comfort of home or workplace in Toronto or Mississauga.

We conduct real-time Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) tests taken to and processed by Health Canada accredited labs, supervised by a licensed physician. The test is quick, minimally invasive and painless. An Integracare health practitioner will gently insert a soft swab inside both nostrils, separately. They’ll wiggle the swab around a little to secure samples from both nostrils, and then that sample is sent to the lab for processing. You’ll receive your results typically between 24 and 48 hours.

Our Commitment to Safety

We want Clients to know that we’re fully committed to your safety and comfort at all times. We offer testing services to asymptomatic Clients, and our staff is frequently tested for COVID and always adheres to health and safety regulations. Additionally, the vast majority of our Caregivers have been vaccinated with at least one dose of the vaccine. We maintain health and safety precautions to ensure appropriate protection for you during the entire COVID Testing procedure.

Integracare’s precautions include:

  • Pre-screening for Symptoms
  • On-going Staff Screening for Symptoms
  • Social Distancing
  • Full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), including Mask, Isolation Gown, Face Shield, and Nitrile Gloves
  • Contactless Payment

Just like you, we’re eager to get life back to normal as quickly as possible, so you can count on us to provide consistent and trustworthy preventive safety measures with our Concierge services.

Who Qualifies?


Like other leading healthcare providers and public health officials, we believe that the value of COVID-19 PCR testing is critical and a life-saving tool during the pandemic’s current third wave. There are thousands of people still working in public spaces today, and they’re vulnerable and more at risk than those of us who can stay at home. Such people must receive regular COVID tests to ensure their and the community’s safety and wellbeing.

Currently, we’re offering testing services to the following:

  • The Film and Television Industry
  • International Travel
  • Workplace Health and Safety
  • Individuals returning to work or school
  • Camps

Do you identify with any of the above workplaces or activities? Let’s take a closer look at each situation, and explore the benefits that mobile COVID testing can provide.

The Film and Television Industry

If you live in Toronto and are involved in the creative arts, your chances of working in or knowing someone working in the film and television industry are high. Over the last several years, Toronto’s film industry has opened its doors to everyone from makeup artists to set designers to woodworkers. It’s a vast and lucrative industry that involves a significant amount of hard work and long days — very, long days.

A typical day on set consists of around 12 hours. And depending on your department, you could spend those 12 hours in close quarters with dozens of other people. Regular COVID testing is a must for employees working in film and television to check that everyone’s virus-free and prevent the virus from spreading if it shows up on set. If one person contracts COVID and has asymptomatic symptoms in one studio, unaware that they’ve been infected, they will spread it to other coworkers.

Those people could spread it to others around them and family members at home. And the next thing you know, there’s another outbreak, and not only will people be out of a job but the virus will strengthen and expand. People will get sick, and some could potentially die.

Our mobile testing services can help prevent such tragedies from occurring. Our Registered Practical Nurses (RPNs) can come directly to your studio and set up a comfortable area to conduct testing. If you prefer, you could also have our services come to your home to perform the test. You and your colleagues will receive results within a couple of days, and you’ll know if you can continue working on the next binge-worthy Netflix show or if it’s time to isolate and rest at home for a while.

International Travel

Travelling is not what it used to be. In addition to wearing a face-covering and maintaining social distancing, you’re also required to show a negative PCR COVID-19 test before you can enter most countries right now. Are you someone who travels internationally for work? Whether it’s a pandemic or not, you’re plane-hopping around the globe because it’s an essential part of your job. Getting tested before boarding a plane is crucial to keeping the Coronavirus numbers down and maintaining the wellbeing of the world’s population.

Integracare offers COVID-19 PCR testing and documentation for cross-border and international travel. We can provide Lab RT-PCR test results in about 24 to 48 hours from a Health Canada accredited lab, and your certificate will contain the relevant information required for international travel. Our Clients have successfully travelled worldwide — including Europe, Asia, Central America, South America, the United Emirates, the Caribbean, and more.

We want you to feel stronger and safer when you travel. Knowing that you’re COVID-free will give you peace of mind when you fly because you’ll realize that you’re not carrying the virus and potentially passing it along to others.

Workplace Health and Safety

We provide on-site testing services in workplaces both on a reoccurring and individual basis. If you and your colleagues continue to work throughout the pandemic, everyone must receive regular COVID tests. Integracare RPNs will temporarily set up shop right in your place of work to conduct the tests conveniently and safely. The Integracare COVID Support Team can also work with your organization to guide you in your health and safety response and COVID-19 mitigation strategy.

Returning to Work or School

Many people of all ages have had to conduct their studies online this year via Zoom and other virtual conferencing services. It’s been a challenge for students and teachers to learn and teach without physically seeing classmates, students, supervisors, teachers, or professors.

People who work in offices have had similar experiences, conducting meetings online and working in isolation from home. But slowly, the world is opening up, and people are preparing to go back to their studies or the office.

Heading back to work or school means that you’ll be around people again, and you’re going to need frequent COVID tests. Like working on a film or television set or any other public workplace, getting tested for COVID is the only scientific method that can tell you in a matter of days if you’re positive or negative and if you should stay home.

Receiving a negative test result will allow you to get back to work safely. If it’s a positive result, you’ll know it’s time to isolate at home and contact your family doctor straight away. We’ll come to your workplace or school and ensure everyone gets the results they need to enjoy a healthy and safe environment.

If you’re a little apprehensive about waiting in line with dozens of strangers for your test, why not take advantage of our concierge services? Before you start work or school again, please contact us today to learn how we can come directly to your place of residence to give you a private test in the comfort of your home.


If you work at a summer camp, have kids attending overnight or day camp, or own one, then you’ll already know that such facilities are going to be operating much differently this year. Attendees must isolate themselves as much as possible before beginning their camping journey.

Many overnight camps are implementing cabin bubbles — where campers will only engage with their fellow cabin mates, similar to shared household bubbles. Such a process would mean that cabin mates dine and participate in activities together without engaging closely with campers outside of their cabin. It’s a measure to ensure the safety and health of campers and camp employees.

If Camps open, then it is an expectation that it will also be a requirement to test negative for COVID-19 to attend overnight and day camps. Integracare offers COVID PCR testing services to camp enthusiasts all over the GTA. Our RPNs can ensure you or your kids are tested quickly and adequately, and we can also head straight to your Toronto area camp to test asymptomatic campers and staff whenever needed.

COVID-19 PCR Testing

The Importance of Regular Testing

If you’re currently working with other people outside of your home, it’s standard practice to receive, at the very least, weekly COVID testing. The virus spreads rapidly, so everyone must have regularly updated results to determine whether they’re infected or not. Testing literally saves lives. If someone tests positive on your worksite, they’ll know to stay at home, inform their doctor, and possibly go straight to the hospital — avoiding a possible devastating outbreak.

It’s common to have COVID without showing any common symptoms, such as having a high fever, dry cough, or trouble breathing. You or someone you see every day might be infected and not even know it. While you or your colleague might only suffer mild symptoms or none at all, you could pass it along to someone with an immune condition or other health issues, and that person may have a very different experience. Check out our COVID-19 FAQ page for more information on the virus and how you can protect yourself and others from spreading the infection.

Integracare’s main objective as a healthcare provider is to deliver comfortable, accountable, and safe service to our Clients. Our mobile COVID-19 testing services offer precisely those things and more. Our hardworking and compassionate healthcare support team is committed to making Ontario a safe, healthy place with our concierge mobile COVID testing. Whether you’re travelling, at home, work, or even summer camp — you can count on us to keep you safe.