For Canadians, October is the first month of the holiday season because it’s when we celebrate Thanksgiving. It’s the first opportunity to get the family together for a big holiday meal and to bask in the glow of a delicious turkey dinner (or whatever type of food your family prefers!)

It’s a great time to connect or reconnect with the Seniors in your family. You probably think of earlier times in your life with fond nostalgia: a time when you could all be together at any time of the year.

These days it’s the precious holidays that mean the most. This Thanksgiving weekend, spend some quality time with your loved one. Has your family member or friend ever considered home care in Toronto or Mississauga?

You can spend as much quality time with the Senior in your life with home health care from Integracare, a leading Home Care provider that has been providing the highest quality care for about 30 years.

We believe that Seniors should maintain their independence and quality of life as long as possible. Aging at home and remaining in a familiar, comfortable place offers just that. We have highly trained and compassionate Caregivers who come directly to your loved one’s place of residence to assist with daily activities, provide companionship, and help with medicine and drug intake, among other things.

Our Caregivers develop very special bonds with Clients because they spend so much quality time together.

With the support of Integracare, you can coordinate fun family activities and make the most of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. With home health care you won’t have to worry about nursing or assisted living facility visiting hours or particular rules and regulations.

You can take the family right to your loved one’s home to spend as much time with them as you like! Check out these fun Thanksgiving activities you’ll want to enjoy with the beloved Senior in your life.

Prepare a Traditional Thanksgiving Meal Together

The traditional Thanksgiving meal is incredibly sacred to many. Some people look at it as a type of ritual: the turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, and other traditional dishes are very important to some. Even if it’s not the traditional western meal that you and your family prepare, there are probably specific dishes that everyone not only loves but also expects to be on the table.

Cooking the dinner takes a lot of hard work! However, chances are that the familiar seasonal smells, sights, and tastes will remind your loved one of happier times. Plus, just being near you and the rest of your family and friends will be sure to make them feel special and included.

If mobility and mental awareness permits, Seniors should participate in meal preparation. Any type of thoughtful activity is great because it will get their minds going and they’ll feel like they’re needed and a part of something rewarding.

And, let’s face it; it’s likely that they’ve got all of the great tips and secrets on how to make the stuffing that’s been in the family for decades.

However, when the people you love have been diagnosed with Dementia, preparing meals can be a lot more challenging. Depending on which phase of Dementia a person is in, verbalizing, communication, and even walking can be extremely difficult.

Integracare offers compassionate and professional Dementia care to Clients who need it. If your loved one has Alzheimer’s disease or any other type of Dementia, we pair them with one of our certified Dementia Caregivers who have extensive Dementia Care education and experience working with people living with Dementia and who are familiar with the challenges that Dementia may bring.

During the holidays, when you’ll be cooking and feasting, your Integracare Caregiver will be right there to attend to situations that may arise with people living with Dementia.

Our Clients who are living with Dementia are paired with a specialized Caregiver who works almost exclusively with Dementia Care Clients and is highly trained and qualified in the area. Registered Nursing and Dementia Care Specialists supervise Caregivers on a 24/7 basis; needless to say, your loved one will be in good hands.

Engage in Simple Thanksgiving Crafts

thanksgiving crafts

Many Seniors enjoy creating and making things with their hands. Engaging the family in fun, simple crafts using construction paper, scissors, and glue can be an interactive and pleasant way to get the entire family together.

Find some cutout images online of turkeys, fallen leaves, and other traditional shapes. Bring some glue sticks, tape, and scissors to the table. You can even include pencil crayons or markers to engage in some Thanksgiving colouring, too.  When everyone is finished, put it all together to create a Thanksgiving Day collage that you can cherish for many years to come.

Simple crafts and activities such as this will keep Seniors occupied and most importantly, will give him or her the satisfaction of creating something rather than just sitting in a chair. The time and effort to facilitate and supply such an activity will be well worth it. It’s a bonding experience that no one will soon forget.

Just Be Together and Hang Out

The most important thing about Thanksgiving and any other holiday you’re able to spend with your loved one is to simply spend quality time together. It’s a time to remember that every day is a gift and you should enjoy each passing moment.

Be sure to preserve these precious memories by taking photos and videos — though don’t let the recording take over the day! Sit down and talk. Engage in conversation with your friend or family member. Ask questions about his or her life. It’s an opportunity for everyone in the family to discover and learn about each other.

Of course, holidays can also be a sensitive time of year for many people. It can bring up memories and trigger feelings of sadness and melancholy. Particularly if your loved one has been diagnosed with an illness and isn’t their “old self,” it can be a distressing time.

At Integracare we’re dedicated to the highest quality home health care and everything that it entails. Our ultimate goal is to increase the quality of life of all of our Clients and their friends and family members. We do this by communicating and asking for feedback from Clients, you, and your family members.

We understand the challenges of illnesses such as Dementia, and our Caregivers have excellent interpersonal skills and apply compassion to everything that they do.

Senior Home Health Care

Celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends. It’s the first occasion of the holiday season to bring everyone together, and it’s the perfect opportunity to connect with loved ones and to bring joy to the Seniors in your life.

When you need an extra pair of hands Integracare is there for you, day or night. The holidays should be about eating delicious food and relaxing with family and friends.

It is a joyous occasion and our goal is to make it as stress-free as possible by providing professional and warm Caregivers who can assist in anything from meal preparation and light housekeeping to managing medication intake.

This Thanksgiving, bring the family together with food, drinks, and activities. You and your family will cherish the memory for a long time to come.