Choosing a career path can be difficult. You want a job that 1) fits with your natural strengths and gifts, 2) offers the satisfaction of having a clear and noble purpose, and 3) one that you know will be stable in the future. Often, as you peruse the list of possibilities, jobs will tick off two of those three criteria, but fall short of being the complete package.

Nursing, as a profession, is perfect for those with strong interpersonal and interprofessional skills, and a compassionate attitude. Nursing allows you to do good in the world, helping those who struggle to adequately help themselves. And it is a job that is – and likely always will be – in-demand.

There are so many small things that make being a Nurse a rewarding profession including the funny conversations you have with clients, the camaraderie you feel with fellow health care professionals, or simply kicking off your shoes at the end of the day, knowing you made a difference.

In this article, we here at Integracare are going to list what we think are the best parts of being a Nurse. Whether you are looking to enter the job market or looking for a career change, we hope this list might help you make up your mind.

Help Others

One of the most fantastic things about the job is that you know you are making a positive impact. Being a Nurse is about helping others, and, in no uncertain terms, the help and service you provide has immediate, visible advantages for the people you help. The millennial workforce, it has been noted, is increasingly concerned not just with monetary compensation, but also making sure that their work is doing good for the world. Nursing meets this criterion.

Be a Companion

Modern life can be lonely – for Seniors as well as for younger adults. As a Nurse, you often develop a two-way companionship with those for whom you are caring. On the one hand, you are providing a much-needed social presence for Seniors who might otherwise not talk to many (or any) people during the day. You can be instrumental in reducing the negative effects of loneliness.

On the other hand, you get to engage in meaningful conversations with people of a different generation. You will often hear stories, share jokes and anecdotes, and learn some sage pieces of advice from Clients. It is a wonderful way to get a broader perspective on life.

Learn Valuable Life Skills

The skills you practice as a Nurse are not only usable during work hours. The interpersonal skills, empathy, health care knowledge and hard working attitude you hone as a Nurse are directly transferable – and exceptionally beneficial – to your daily life.

Earn a Sense of Satisfaction

“How can you sleep at night?” That is a question often lobbed at people with less-than-scrupulous jobs. Luckily, as a Nurse, if someone were to ask you that question you could simply say: I sleep easily, knowing that I have done a hard job well, and that I’ve made a difference in someone’s life. A large part of job satisfaction – and overall life satisfaction – is knowing that your efforts have a purpose.

Be Part of a Family

Here at Integracare, being a Nurse is more than just clocking in and out of a job. More than just an employee number, you are part of a family, one that strives to bolster and help one another. The Nurses at Integracare have each other’s back, and work to mutually lift one another up, both career-wise and in providing the best care possible for Clients. If you are looking for RPN jobs in Toronto that are team-oriented and supportive, come and talk to us.

Expand Your Knowledge and Skills

Becoming a Nurse doesn’t mean you stop learning. There are always new skills to be learned and new advances in the healthcare field on which to be educated. To that end, Integracare offers professional development courses for all of its healthcare professionals. You can check our website to find out more about the courses on offer presently, or get in touch with us if you have any questions about our dedication to professional development.

Work Flexibly

Although not always a possibility, Nurses do enjoy a more flexible schedule than their office-working counterparts in other industries. Some Nurses only work a few days out of the week, while others work more often; some prefer to work in the evening, while others stick to their morning work. The level of flexibility you have to make of the job what you want is higher than other professions, a reason many Nurses love their job.

Enjoy Job Stability

The job of a Nurse is not going anywhere. In fact, the Government of Canada, in its official job outlook, forecasted that employment growth for RN’s and RPN’s will be among the highest of all occupations, accounting for more than 40% of all job openings. Ontario Nursing, in particular, gets a coveted “three out of three stars” rating in terms of job outlook. Compared to other industries, which suffer a more precarious path in the decades ahead, Nursing appears to be very stable. With the aging population in Canada, you can even expect it to continue growing.

Make Room for Career Advancement

There are no dead ends in Nursing. There is always room for career advancement. Each Nurse gets to partake on her/his own journey toward the role they want to occupy, and Integracare is happy to facilitate those moves, as we offer both professional development and informal support.

Be Part of a Diverse Team

Diversity is one thing we continue to dedicate ourselves to at Integracare. We believe our team of wonderful, passionate healthcare professionals should reflect the diversity of the community in which we live.

To recap, Nursing is a fast growing and rewarding profession. Nurses help people, making a profound, positive impact in Clients’ daily lives. You get to foster their independence, provide much-needed social companionship, and learn a few valuable insights from your Clients. As a part of the Integracare family, you are part of a support system that champions one another, and through our professional development courses you can take charge of your specific career path. Enjoy the flexibility of the job, as well as the stability, and enjoy being part of a team that is as diverse as the community in which you live.

If you are curious about starting, or advancing, your career in Nursing – whether you are just graduating a Nursing program, are coming from a different workplace, or have only just begun to consider the prospect – visit our Integracare website. You can read up on our philosophy and mission, and check out our current job opportunities.