This is not an easy time for you and your family. It’s difficult to navigate through life when someone you love has been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. You want to be there for them and all you want for them is to feel comfortable, protected, and to know that they’re not alone.


It’s difficult to devote all of your time because of the obligations related to work and family. You shouldn’t feel guilty about that. Give your loved one the gift of live-in Palliative care so that they’ll always have someone around to provide care and any required health services.


Integracare is a leading Home Care provider that specializes in Palliative care in Toronto and Mississauga. We offer in-home care for individuals who choose to stay within the comforts of their own home, and who want to live the rest of their days in a familiar and safe space.


When an individual has been diagnosed with a serious condition, they need to be treated with the utmost respect and dignity. If the idea of leaving a beloved home is too daunting for them, at-home Palliative care could be a welcoming solution.


Often nursing and assisted living facilities create fear and anxiety in Seniors. It is hard to get used to a new home at any age, but it is particularly difficult for someone who may experience debilitating pain, Dementia, or other physical challenges.

Our at-home Palliative care program is designed to promote comfort, dignity, and quality of life among our Clients. We believe that health care at home gives individuals one-on-one, personalized support that can’t be replicated anywhere else.


We hire experienced health professionals who are fully certified and registered, and above all else, exhibit compassion in everything that they do.


If someone close to you has been diagnosed with a serious illness or a life-threatening disease, consider the benefits of live in care and Palliative services.


What is Palliative Care?


Palliative care is a specialized, interdisciplinary type of medical care for people living with a critical and life-threatening illness. It’s a type of care that concentrates on providing relief from the stress and symptoms of the illness. The ultimate goal of Palliative care is to improve quality of life for both Clients and family members.


It is provided by a specially trained team of doctors, nurses, and other health specialists who work together with a Client’s other doctors to give an extra layer of support. Every Palliative care program is different, depending on what the Client’s needs are. It’s not based on the Client’s prognosis.


This type of care is appropriate at any age and at any stage of a serious illness.


Palliative Care Improves the Quality of Life for Clients, Family Members and Friends


Palliative care is designed to provide relief to the symptoms, pain, and stresses that are the inevitable by-product of both the critical disease and the medical interventions that are part of the process, such as chemotherapy.


Palliative care is recommended for individuals who have been diagnosed with:


  • Cancer
  • Kidney failure
  • Alzheimer’s disease and other Dementia-related illnesses
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • ALS and Lou Gehrig’s disease
  • Other life-threatening illnesses


Integracare’s Palliative health care team is comprised of Registered Practicing Nurses (RPNs), Personal Support Workers (PSWs), and specialists who all have one ultimate goal in mind: to make your loved one’s life better.


Massage Therapy


As a platform of many disciplines, we believe our Clients benefit from a number of services. Our number one priority is to provide compassion to all Clients and to demonstrate empathy as healthcare practitioners.


Part of Integracare’s approach to Palliative care can be to provide massage therapy to those who are able to receive it. We have outstanding Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs) on staff that are well trained and well versed in working with Seniors living with life-threatening illnesses.


Massage therapy is all about the power of touch. It increases the quality of life to Clients in several ways, but inherently, it’s a way for Clients with a critical illness to connect with another human being.


Massage therapy has been a means of healing for thousands of years. Our professional RMTs use gentle techniques with Palliative Care Clients, addressing specific symptom issues, the side effects of various treatments, and the physical, psychological, social, and emotional consequences of living with a life-threatening illness.


Gentle massage can promote a greater sense of connection between the mind and body structures. It relaxes muscle tissue and stimulates circulation, reducing stress and pain. Integracare Clients look forward to visits from their RMT. We ensure that all of our staff, including RMTs, exhibits kindness in everything they do.


We understand how sensitive this time is for Clients, family members, and friends. We take this into consideration under all circumstances, and we make sure that your loved ones feel appreciated and safe in all situations so that you can, too.


Palliative Care Relieves Suffering from Stress and Symptoms


The ultimate goal of Palliative care is to relieve suffering from the side effects of illness and treatments, and to provide the best possible quality of life for Clients and their families.


Symptoms may include:


  • Pain;
  • Depression;
  • Anxiety;
  • Shortness of breath;
  • Fatigue;
  • Nausea;
  • Constipation;
  • Loss of appetite; and
  • Sleep issues


Integracare’s team of Caregivers will help your loved one gain the strength to carry on with their daily life while in the comfort of their own home. Our Caregivers improve the quality of our Clients’ lives.


The Integracare team provides the essentials of Palliative care and will assist with daily chores such as cooking, cleaning, and bathing will help your loved one to get around the house if mobility is an issue, and will tend to any wound care that is needed. Most importantly, our Caregivers provide compassion.


We offer 24-hour live-in caregiving so you won’t have to worry about your friend or family member being alone or missing medication ever again. They develop a bond with our Clients that is extraordinary.


Integracare provides familiarity and personalized care and the quality of life of your loved one is our single objective.


Home health care should always be compassionate, attentive, and detailed. Our Caregivers are carefully selected and offer all these qualities. We ensure that our Clients are provided with the daily support they need to live a healthy, safe, and fulfilling life.


Everyone’s health plan is different and we create customized plans to suit every Client’s individual needs. We partner Clients with Caregiver who we feel would benefit them the most.


With Integracare services, you’ll be able to rest a little easier knowing that your loved one is in good hands up to 24-hours a day.


Integracare Works with Doctors and Health Teams


Our Palliative Care teams are specialists who work together with Clients, family members, friends, and Doctors. As home care experts in Toronto and Mississauga we provide an extra layer of support when your loved one needs it most.


In addition to treating symptoms and stress and supporting you and your family in any way possible, our Palliative Care team communicates with all your loved one’s doctors so that everyone is on the same page.


Often, the best home to be in is your own. At Integracare, we understand the difficulties of coming to terms with a life-threatening illness, and how hard it is on families and friends. We want to be there for you every step of the way.