The Advantages of an Elder Live-in Caregiver

Many families may consider hiring a live-in Caregiver to help with taking care of their elderly loved ones. It’s often less expensive than assisted living or nursing homes or paying for extended hospital stays.

As people get older, it becomes harder to be able to do certain things without assistance. But that shouldn’t prevent people from ageing comfortably and in a familiar place.

Integracare is a home healthcare provider for Seniors. We believe that ageing at home is essential to a joyous life. We deliver the best home health care Mississauga and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) has to offer, including professional live-in Caregivers.

We believe that home healthcare should be compassionate, dependable, attentive, and engaging, and this is exactly what our carefully selected live-in Caregivers offer Clients. Our professional live-in services will ensure that your loved one is provided with the daily support they need to live a joyful, fulfilling, healthy, and safe life.

Our live-in Caregivers are chosen carefully. They’re screened through references and background checks to confirm that they’re able to provide quality personalized care and form meaningful relationships with Clients.

Clients and Caregivers are matched based on the medical needs and personal preferences and interests of the Client. Every Client is paired with a Caregiver that will provide him or her with the specific resources and compassion they need to age at home peacefully and comfortably.

A live-in Caregiver will make you feel at ease knowing that your family member or friend is being looked after when you’re not able to be there. Often, home is the best place is to be. Consider the benefits of hiring a live-in Caregiver for your loved one so they can age within the comforts of a beloved and familiar space.


A Better Relationship is Formed


A live-in Caregiver can build a loving, trusting relationship together with your loved one, and your friend or family member will receive undivided attention.

We’re there for your loved one day and night, and if ever an emergency was to occur, we’d be able to handle it.

Our Caregivers are extremely passionate about what they do. They’re naturally engaging and build relationships with Clients by initiating activities with them: playing card and board games, engaging in exercise and stretching, watching movies, cooking together — you name it.

Strong connections are developed between the two, and your loved one will begin to welcome their Caregiver as part of the family. It’s challenging to experience this level of trust and individual attention at assisted living facilities.

Assisted living caregivers do their absolute best to attend to every resident, but at-home healthcare provides your loved one with the unique opportunity to experience private care, one-on-one.


More Flexibility  


A live-in Caregiver allows you to have some much-needed “you time.” Of course, you want to help your family member or friend as much as possible, but it’s important for your own mental and physical health to be able to take some breathing space.

You won’t have to rush around all the time to meet their daily schedule including visiting hours. A Caregiver can be the one to handle responsibilities at home such as administering medications, preparing meals, and looking after personal hygiene.

Integracare’s Toronto home healthcare services are just what you and your family need so you can take some time to rest and replenish.


Feelings of Comfort


Ageing at home provides comfort, especially when there is a professionally trained Caregiver there at all times. You can feel safe knowing that your loved one is never alone and that they’re enjoying life in their own home.

They won’t have to learn how to navigate a nursing home or abide by a new schedule when they receive home healthcare. You can visit them anytime, and they can come and go as they please with the guidance of their Caregiver.

Perhaps your loved one belongs to community clubs or teams. These types of activities also give your loved one a sense of freedom and independence.  They might feel a strong connection to their neighbourhood and not want to leave it. Ageing at home with support from Integracare can make participation in these clubs or teams easier.

Your loved one might be the proud owner of a dog, cat, or another type of pet. Ageing at home allows them to keep their beloved animal for as long they can, and this provides another source of unbeatable companionship and activity.

Sadly, pets aren’t generally allowed into assisted living facilities. For some people, parting with a pet can feel similar to parting with a family member.


A Variety of Services


In addition to providing personal care of your loved one, a live-in Caregiver will help out with light housekeeping and home support services such as meal preparation. Integracare also provides at-home services such as massage therapy, physiotherapy, and wound care if needed.

In addition to our wonderful staff of live-in Caregivers Integracare has a wonderful and professional staff of Registered Massage Therapists, Physiotherapists, and Nursing Coordinators. We believe that Toronto live in home care and within the surrounding GTA should be about enhancing engagement and giving Clients the life that they deserve.

Services such as massage therapy and physiotherapy help Clients feel better physically and emotionally, and they’re also great tools for individuals who may have suffered a fall or another type of injury. Physiotherapy is great for Seniors who suffer from mobility issues or who have recently had surgery because it gets them moving and loosens joints and limbs.

Our registered Physiotherapists will get your loved one back into shape with gentle exercise and stretches and they come right to their door. Our RMTs will do the same, delivering gentle massage therapy to Clients right in the comforts of home.

Massage therapy has been proven to not only relax people’s bodies and alleviate body pain, but it also aids with emotional issues such as depression and anxiety. Massage releases hormones that trigger relaxation, and this is also beneficial if your loved one finds it difficult to sleep soundly.

We also offer services for Clients that require close attention to surgical wounds. Wounds need the right amount of care and time to heal correctly. Your loved one will need the assistance of a Registered Nurse to see them recover fully and quickly.

Integracare provides private nursing care in addition to our live-in specialists. These nurses will visit each day or as necessary to ensure that any wounds are looked after and dressed correctly.

We also offer Palliative Care for Clients who have been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. This type of care provides live-in Caregivers who will ensure your loved one is comfortable, safe, and that his or her quality of life is at its fullest.

Live-in care is the best way to know that your family member or friend is safe, happy, and enjoying life at any time of the day. It will provide round-the-clock care for your loved one, a trusted companionship unlike any other, and a more flexible schedule for you and your family.

Ageing is not always an easy process for anyone involved, and it’s even more difficult without professional assistance. Speak to your loved one about the advantages of live-in care. We promise to deliver personalized and compassionate support in a familiar setting, and most importantly, we listen carefully to your loved one’s needs and concerns.

With Integracare, you can relax knowing that your beloved family member or friend is always in good hands.