Start Planning Your Winter with Home Healthcare

It’s hard to believe, but winter is just around the corner. For many Canadians, that means putting on the snow tires, installing the storm door, and turning up that furnace. Canadians are a resilient group of people, living through months of winter, year after year. While some people look forward to the season because of outdoor sports like skiing and skating, others enjoy winter walks and snowy adventures.

However, many of the joys of winter become obstacles as you age. Getting around when it’s icy, windy, and dark is exceptionally challenging for a Senior — especially if there’s a wheelchair or walker involved. Planning ahead and figuring out how to get through the season in good health is essential. Is there a loved one in your family that requires some extra support this Winter? Certain tasks can be a sincere challenge during the winter months.

Consider the benefits of home health care from Registered Nurses, Registered Practical Nurses and Personal Support Workers. Integracare is a home healthcare provider that has been delivering quality care for almost 30 years. Joyful living and happy Clients motivate us to deliver excellent service and professional healthcare to people all over the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). We believe that ageing at home grants Seniors the opportunity to live comfortably and independently in a place that’s familiar to them. There isn’t any other place like home — particularly in the dead of winter!

Our home care Nurses and Caregivers are certified and/or registered and trained, and one of the things they do is escort Clients from home to appointments. The last thing you and your family member will want to worry about on a freezing cold day is organizing transportation to a medical appointment or the store. Our Caregivers will not only escort Clients to medical appointments, but we’ll also deliver dependable, punctual, and professional healthcare and support right to your relative’s home. When it’s too cold or icy to leave the house, you can rest easy knowing that your loved one is in excellent care, safe in their own home with our expert health professionals.

Let’s look at how our home healthcare services are integral to happy and healthy ageing for Seniors.

Home Healthcare Improves Quality of Life

While long-term care homes and assisted living programs are beneficial because of the planned activities and communal outings, private healthcare at home is all about fostering independence and peace of mind for you and your family. These days, more and more Seniors choose to age at home because of its convenience and accessibility. Not only does it empower your loved one to feel independent by way of living on their schedule and being in the familiar setting of a place familiar to them, but home healthcare provides services directly to their front door. There’s often no need to leave the house when a health professional can come straight to them — and we offer several health and wellness services that are sure to improve your family member or friend’s quality of life.

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Massage Therapy At Home

Did you know that cold weather causes muscles to lose heat and contract, creating tightness throughout the body? Muscles can lose their range of motion, nerves can more easily be pinched, and joints get tighter. So, not only is winter tough to experience mentally, but it can also cause physical pain on the body. Fortunately, Integracare offers at-home Massage Therapy for our Clients.

Our team of Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs) is specially trained to work with Seniors — paying careful attention to arthritis, acute muscle and joint pain, and any other condition that causes discomfort. Integracare RMTs use gentle strokes and soothing hand movements to help Seniors feel nice and relaxed.

There are so many benefits from Massage Therapy for Seniors. Regular visits with an RMT increase the quality of life of Seniors because:

  • They help decrease agitation and irritation in those with Alzheimer’s disease and other types of Dementia.
  • They produce better sleep.
  • They reduce stress and anxiety.
  • They provide relief from chronic pain and arthritis.
  • They increase the recovery time after surgery.
  • They create better circulation and lower blood pressure.

Sometimes all it takes to lift someone’s spirits is the healing power of touch. A massage — such as a gentle and caring hand massage — can do wonders for someone who experiences loneliness, depression, or Dementia. The act of massage reminds the Client that they’re not alone and that there’s ample joy to look forward to in life. Our RMTs are special because of their unique training in Senior massage therapy and because they’ll bring all the necessary equipment to Clients’ homes. Your loved one won’t even have to leave their bedroom, if they don’t want to, to receive a relaxing and calming massage on a cold winter’s day.

Physiotherapy At Home

Has the Senior in your life recently had a fall? Falling is one of the biggest challenges facing today’s Seniors. A small accident can quickly turn into a lingering, painful injury. Your relative or friend may have also just had surgery, and for speedy recovery, they’ll need exclusive attention from a health professional. Integracare offers private Physiotherapy sessions from registered Physiotherapists in the comfort of home.

Physiotherapy is typically prescribed to people who have recently fallen, had surgery, or suffered from a physical injury. Many Seniors find it challenging to make it out to Physiotherapy appointments if they feel unwell or are in pain, and it’s incredibly tricky during the colder season. We like to help make it possible to age at home with at-home Physiotherapy.

Our professional Physiotherapists use evidence-based kinesiology, health education, and exercise to help nurture Clients’ recovery and healing process. The treatment is intended to maintain and restore function, mobility, and wellbeing through physical rehabilitation and fitness. We’ll offer gentle stretches and exercises, and will bring the necessary equipment and tools. If possible, Integracare Physiotherapists like to teach Clients how to engage in the exercises and movements on their own because it gives Seniors a sense of independence and empowerment.

While we always oversee the Physio workouts and ensure Clients are comfortable with any movements, watching Clients learn how to engage in the recovery process independently makes us feel proud to do what we do.

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Home Healthcare Offers Helpful Assisted Living

Home healthcare is unique because it differs for every Client. However, Integracare always provides an abundance of compassion, professionalism, experience, and dependable healthcare services. We offer essential services, such as:

  • Meal preparation
  • Prescription medication management
  • Light housework and cleaning
  • Companionship
  • Dressing
  • Bathing
  • Toileting
  • Transferring
  • Feeding, and more

If you’re concerned about the wellbeing and safety of your loved one, our Caregivers are there to give you peace of mind. Depending on your family member’s needs, our Nurses and Caregivers can visit as little as once a week to as much as 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The care we provide is completely flexible to your needs or your loved one’s needs. We provide vital support and care to Seniors who don’t want to leave the home that they love. The truth is, when placed in long-term care facilities, Seniors generally don’t receive the customized, personalized care that home healthcare provides because there’s often overcrowding and understaffing in long-term care homes.

Furthermore, for health and safety reasons, it’s crucial to keep your loved ones in less crowded environments this flu season. Sadly, this winter will be challenging to remain safe from viruses of all sorts, including COVID-19. Home Care allows your loved one to age comfortably and safely in the privacy of home without the risks associated with long-term care facilities and retirement homes.

All of our Nurses and Caregivers are carefully selected based on an intensive screening process and are trained thoroughly. We look for knowledgeable, dependable, and compassionate people to become members of the Integracare team. It’s crucial to ensure our Caregivers exhibit compassion and kindness with Clients. While experience, education, and training are all absolutely critical, it’s also imperative for Caregivers to truly love and respect their careers. We want you and your loved one to experience joyful living with friendly and trustworthy people, which is why we’re committed to delivering precisely that.

Home Healthcare Offers 24-Hour Live-in Care

Integracare is also your source for quality 24-hour Live-in Care. Our thoroughly screened Live-in Caregivers — with background and reference checks — are carefully matched with Clients. We make matches based on Clients’ medical needs and personal preferences. We ensure that your loved one pairs with a Caregiver that can provide them with the compassion and resources they need to succeed to age comfortably in place.

Our Live-in Nurses and Caregivers assist with all essential services such as meal preparation, bathing, cleaning, and other duties as assigned. If your family member or friend has a serious illness such as Dementia or Cancer, we’ll ensure that their Caregiver and Nursing team are educated and equipped to care for people living with those conditions. Are you concerned that your loved one will feel lonely or isolated this winter? With Live-in Care, they’ll always have someone to talk to and for companionship and especially if there’s an emergency.

Integracare also provides Wound Care for those who require daily maintenance on a surgical wound. Tending to surgical wounds without Nursing or Personal Support Worker (PSW) training is never a good idea. Postoperative recovery often involves intricate care, and your loved one may have medical tubes or other machinery attached to their bodies. Integracare can easily supplement the Live-In Care for our Clients with specially trained Wound Care Nursing.

Integracare’s Specialized Dementia and Palliative Care Services

Integracare prides itself on its award-winning service, and this includes our Dementia and Palliative Care services. We decided to provide these pertinent services to families a long time ago because we understand it’s not easy. It’s challenging to know what to do when someone you love has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, Dementia, or other types of life-limiting illness. You might not know how to begin the healthcare process or talk to your loved one about the future. Our in home Dementia Care team can take care of your loved one from the moment they’re diagnosed.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease progress with time, and sadly, there’s no current cure for either. It is highly recommended to initiate a health plan immediately following a diagnosis. There are many different types of Dementia, and although many of them have similar symptoms, they can differ slightly in behavioural and personality changes. Some of the types of Dementia include:

  • Mixed Dementia
  • Frontotemporal Dementia
  • Lewy Body Dementia
  • Vascular Dementia
  • Parkinson’s Disease Dementia

Talk to your family member’s doctor to clarify which one your loved one has so you can read about it and know what kind of personality and behavioural changes to expect.

We provide top-quality care for people living with Dementia and have an exclusive partnership with the Alzheimer’s Society of Toronto to ensure that all of our Caregivers receive regular education sessions about the disease and its impact on people’s lives and those who care about them.

Integracare also provides compassionate palliative care in Toronto and Mississauga and throughout the GTA. Palliative Care offers people who have a life-limiting illness an additional layer of deep care and support. Your relative might be in the middle of severe treatment, such as chemotherapy. While their doctors and outside health team conduct this type of treatment, you must also consider their emotional wellbeing and how the inevitable pain will be managed as they receive primary treatment.

Our expertly trained and empathetic Palliative team is there for Clients who are undergoing extremely challenging times. Integracare Caregivers help to alleviate some of those challenges by offering emotional and psychological support in any way possible. They also provide pain management (through physiotherapy, massage therapy, prescription medication management, and other methods) and, ultimately, a hand to hold in the familiar space of home.

Is there a beloved Senior in your life? Before old man winter comes back for another season, ensure that they’re safely looked after with a reliable home healthcare plan in place. Nothing beats the comfort of home, especially when it’s a blustery -20 outside. Start preparing now for a cozy and healthy winter at home.