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Physical Therapy or Physiotherapy

Integracare physiotherapists can play an important role in your healing process and improving your comfort, strength and balance.

Physiotherapy began as a drug-free method to rehabilitate injured veterans during World War I. It is now a registered health care profession that can provide treatment for pain, injury and chronic illness.

Physiotherapists do more than help rehabilitate people after an accident or injury. They help manage cancer and chronic lung disease, care for musculoskeletal conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, help stroke patients recover, aid in treatment of developmental delays in children, and even help prevent chronic disease.

Physiotherapy is often provided in conjunction with other care.  Our physiotherapists or physiotherapist assistants will come to your home to provide care and guidance with issues like exercise or posture.
Physiotherapists work with other caregivers by developing specific exercise plans to improve your quality of life.

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