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Our company respects your privacy and here is our commitment to you.

Our Commitment

Integracare is committed to ensuring the confidentiality and protection of personal information in its possession.

Integracare’s Privacy commitment is governed by the information handling practices of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and applicable provincial and professional standards.

If you wish to contact us, you can be assured that all enquiries are treated with respect. Your personal information collected by Integracare is for the sole purpose of providing you high quality health care services.

Integracare employees can expect the same confidentiality and privacy of their personal information as our clients.

We Are Accountable

At Integracare, all employees are:

  • Accountable and committed to ensuring that your personal information is held in the strictest confidence
  • Accountable for maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of all information they have access to in their course of their work with us
  • Trained in acceptable privacy practices.

What We Collect and Why

Integracare will only ask you about information that we feel is necessary to provide your care and service. We do not indiscriminately collect information, and constantly review our practices to ensure that this remains true.

Our Nursing Coordinator will conduct a thorough health assessment in keeping with the standards of provincial professional licensing bodies.

Our staff will endeavor to ensure that all personal information is accurate, complete and up-to- date, so that we can provide you with the appropriate care and services.

We do not use cookies, so you can browse our site with confidence.  Your email address will never be used for distribution of unwanted promotional material (SPAM) and will never be sold or otherwise distributed.

You Have a Right to Correct Your Personal Information

You may contact Integracare to request a correction of an error or omission to your personal information. Integracare will make the correction as soon as is reasonably possible.

Your Permission

When we commence your care, we will ask you to sign a Service Agreement, giving us your expressed, written consent for all aspects of the service. This may include such things as conducting an assessment, providing your care and asking your permission regarding release of information. Please let us know if there is anyone with whom you do not want your information, in part or in whole to be released to, and we will make note of this.

Your consent is considered valid through to the end of your service.

For those individuals who are unable to provide consent, (e.g., minors, those who are seriously ill or mentally handicapped persons), consent will be obtained by an authorized authority,( e.g., legal guardian or power of attorney for personal care).

How We Use Your Personal Information

Your personal information is only used for the purpose of providing your health care services. Information is only shared with those individuals involved in your care, and excludes anyone you request.  Finally, your information may be reviewed during auditing and quality improvement activities. Where appropriate, these activities are done without reference to specific individuals. This is an important aspect of our Quality Management System and allows us to continually monitor our performance and improve your services. Client names are NEVER shared with any individual or organization for the purposes of commercial activity, such as selling, trading and/or renting your personal information.

During the course of your care, Integracare will maintain your personal information as accurately as possible for the purpose of providing your care. We need your assistance in this, however. Please notify us of any relevant changes in your information as soon as possible.

With Whom Do We Share Your Personal Information?

When you start care with Integracare, and you sign the Service Agreement, we discuss with you who we will likely share your information with –those individuals that we consider the members of your multidisciplinary care team.  Information is only shared with individuals involved in your care.

In rare cases, we may be required by law or other lawful authority to release personal information, such as when we receive a court order or subpoena. In such cases, Integracare will verify the lawful authority prior to release the information, and will endeavour to release only what is necessary for the stated purpose of the request.

How Long We Keep Your Personal Information

Integracare will continue to have access to your information after your care has been discontinued. We retain all discontinued client records for 10 years or longer if required by provincial regulation. These records are stored in a manner that ensures ongoing security.


Integracare considers your health information extremely confidential, and has put many safeguards in place to ensure its security.

Your information is stored electronically, in paper files and in the knowledge of our staff.

All employees are orientated and trained on privacy practices at the time of hire and sign a Confidentiality and Conflict of Interest Agreement and Conditions of Employment Agreement at that time.

The knowledge and information our staff has is considered private and confidential, and is only used for the purpose of doing their work with Integracare clients and is not shared with anyone. At any time, if a caregiver receives a request to share information or is asked about any client of Integracare, he/she will not provide any information and will forward the request to their Nursing Coordinator.

Electronic information is protected by computer firewalls, user names and passwords.

Hard copy files are protected by being stored in the Integracare office, where access is permitted only to staff with the necessary authority. After hours, these files are kept in a locked, secured area.

E-mail signatures include a confidentiality statement explaining what to do if an email is received in error. In the case of either a misdirected fax or email, the direction is to contact Integracare.

Integracare is not responsible for the privacy practices of organizations with links on our website.

Your Right To See Your Personal Information

If you would like to see your personal information at any time, you may do so by putting your request in writing and forwarding it to the Managing Director of Integracare. As your file may contain words that are particular to the medical and nursing community, we will invite you to meet with our Nursing Manager or Managing Director when you review your file, so that they may be available to answer any of your questions. We will assist any individual who needs assistance in preparing a written request for access to their personal information.

If you have a sensory disability, please let us know so that we can endeavour to provide you access to information in an alternate format. In addition, translators will be made available, as required.

Please note that we may need to collect additional personal information to validate the identity and authority of the individual making the access request. This is to ensure that only individuals authorized to access your information can do so. This additional information will only be used for the purpose of validating the information request.

A reasonable fee may be charged for retrieval and copying of records, based on the nature of the request. Please contact us if you have a concern regarding the reasonableness of the fee.

Some requests for access to information may be subject to limitations or refusal. Reasons for refusal may include:

  • The proprietary nature of the material
  • The information may infringe on the privacy of another individual
  • The law may prohibit its release
  • That we exercise our discretion to withhold or limit the information because we believe harm may result from the disclosure.

When requests for access to information are refused, you will be notified of the reason(s) for refusal, including recourses available to you.

If You Need More Information, or Have a Question or Concern About Integracare and its Privacy Practices

Anyone may contact Integracare with any complaint, question, concern or compliment relating to Integracare’s information handling practices. All inquiries will be investigated thoroughly, and if found to be justified, appropriate corrective measures will be taken, up to and including making revisions to current policy and practices. Any such corrective actions will be included in our response to the individual making the inquiry.

All Integracare employees are responsible for ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of your personal information. If you have any questions or concerns about your personal information, or if you would like more information about Integracare’s policies and practices for managing and handling personal information, you are invited to contact the Integracare office. If your privacy concerns cannot be addressed to your satisfaction, or you wish further information, your inquiry will be forwarded to Integracare’s Managing Directors. You may contact Integracare’s Managing Directors directly by email at info@integracare.on.ca, by phoning 416-421-4243 or in writing to:
396 Moore Avenue, Toronto, ON M4G 1C7

You are also entitled to contact your provincial Privacy Commissioner’s Office if you feel this is necessary. While we would appreciate the opportunity to do what we can to address your concerns, we would also assist you in contacting your Privacy Commissioner’s Office if you believe this is warranted.

As required, Integracare will amend this document and its Privacy Policy when changes to privacy legislation or best practices are known.

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