Physiotherapy Services at Home

Integracare has been providing physiotherapy services in Client’s homes in Toronto for over 25 years. Our caring and helpful staff will make sure you or your loved ones are comfortable and get the best treatment possible. Our mission is to provide compassionate home health care of the highest quality. We aim to provide our Clients with independence and a better quality of life.

Physiotherapy is an integral part of home health care services for you or your loved one in Toronto and Mississauga, which is why Integracare Physiotherapists and Physiotherapist Assistants are closely involved in your recovery and ongoing quality of life. Physiotherapists are registered health professionals who treat injury, pain, and chronic illness. We specialize in offering home healthcare services in Toronto and we can help make sure you or your loved one receives great care and attention.

Physiotherapy Home Care Recovery in Toronto and Mississauga

After an accident, injury, or surgery, home is often the best place for people to recover. Integracare brings Physiotherapy to you. Injuries can have long-lasting and permanent implications without Physiotherapy. Home care after an injury should involve Physiotherapy as part of your rehabilitation. Bringing that care home means you won’t have to struggle with transportation and getting to appointments.

Integracare can help with all aspects of home care recovery from injury or surgery. A Registered Nurse can provide post-surgery Wound Care and we can also arrange at-home Massage Therapy with an RMT who understands the unique value of home healthcare.

Physiotherapy Home Care for Seniors or Those with Chronic Pain

In addition to home health care in Toronto and Mississauga for injuries, Physiotherapists also work with Seniors or clients who need treatment for chronic pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and other musculoskeletal conditions, and stroke recovery.

Integrated Physiotherapy Services in Toronto and Mississauga

Our Physiotherapists work in conjunction with Registered Practical Nurses and/or Personal Support Workers in T