At 95, Rita had survived World War 2, immigrating to Canada with no financial resources and language barriers and many other challenges. However, my Grandmother was about to face the fight of her life. In Summer 2016, my Grandmother, the true matriarch of our family, had a fall.

The next three months of my Grandmother’s life were challenging. She was rushed to hospital in a very distressed state. The next few weeks at the hospital were simply focused on getting her back to stable condition. My Mother and my Aunt (her two daughters) were by her side as often as possible but had their own lives to attend to. Soon after the fall, my Mother called Integracare to inquire about their home health care services.

Within 24 hours, Integracare was able to provide the support bed side that my Mother and Aunt required. At first, they hired Integracare to provide a companion and advocate for my Grandmother in the evening and overnight with a Personal Support Worker. This support gave my Mother and Aunt the comfort so they could sleep at night. After seeing how well the Caregivers supported my Grandmother, they increased care for morning hours as well.

After a few weeks in the hospital, my Grandmother’s condition had stabilized but her fight back to independence was just beginning. At that time, my Grandmother moved to a Rehabilitation Hospital. This facility was fantastic. They provided a new, clean, fresh temporary home whose staff was focused on helping my Grandmother regain her strength. Notwithstanding, this great facility, my Mother and Aunt still felt more comfortable maintaining care with Integracare as my Grandmother had built a relationship with the Caregivers that Integracare provided. Integracare provided consistent, well-educated Caregivers that engaged with my Grandmother and demonstrated great initiative, compassion and empathy.

On top of the support services that my Grandmother received, Integracare also provided supplementary Physiotherapy to add to the physio that she was to receive from the facility. This additional support proved invaluable as my Grandmother went from not being able to lift a comb or fork to being able to walk the halls in just a few months. This process was not easy and my Grandmother’s strength, courage and will to live combined with Integracare’s singular focus on providing the best home health care possible for its clients helped my Grandmother recover.

Within a few months, my Grandmother returned to her apartment. She was nervous but excited to return home. Integracare played a pivotal role in this transition too. Integracare provided the same Caregivers that had been by her side in the institutional setting to be with her as she moved back to her home.

In late October, my Grandmother alongside her four grandchildren and their spouses celebrated her 96th birthday at her favourite Italian restaurant. Thanks to Integracare’s ongoing support, I believe that we will be having more celebratory dinners in the future.

Neil G.