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Home Care Services in Mississauga

Integracare is committed to providing the highest quality home health care in Mississauga

There are many reasons to consider home care in Toronto and Mississauga. As a family, when you bring care into the home, you help your loved one age in place with comfort and dignity. The freedom for Seniors to stay in their home despite health care needs can improve quality of life, recovery, and provide peace of mind.

Home care services in Mississauga and Toronto allow Seniors to continue to enjoy the lifestyle to which they are accustomed in their home, which is the environment that the vast majority of people choose to age or recover in. They remain in their own neighborhoods with access to the local merchants, doctors, professionals, friends, faith leaders, and community services with which they are familiar.

Before you decide how to take care of your loved one, consider the benefits of home care services in Toronto and Mississauga.

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Senior Comfort Care

Comfort, Familiarity and Safety

Staying at home, a place that’s both comfortable and familiar, is one of the most important benefits of home care services.

Improved Recovery

Improved Recovery

Evidence suggests that post-surgery or illness recovery is faster when it takes place at home than in the hospital or a medical facility. Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, and Wound Care are all services available as part of Integracare’s home health care services in Mississauga and Toronto. It’s better to provide these services at home than in a medical facility, as the risk of infection from exposure is much lower at home.

Senior with Care Worker

Personalized Care and Independence

One-on-one attention and personalized care can likewise improve recovery and quality of care. Seniors receiving home health care don’t have to adjust to the routines and schedules of a care facility but rather can maintain their independence and control. They receive personalized care from Personal Support Workers providing care the Integracare way.