Massage therapy can be both a direct and a complementary treatment for physical conditions as well as for general stress relief and relaxation. Research over the years has shown that the benefits of massage go beyond simple enjoyment or that luxurious feeling you get during a day at the spa. Massage therapy sessions provided by Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs) is one of many Integracare services provided right in your loved one’s home.

Massage can treat a wide range of conditions from physical to mental to emotional. Regular treatment has been shown to help with day-to-day activities and improve one’s overall health and wellbeing. Problems like chronic pain, injuries, restricted mobility, side effects from illnesses, repetitive stress pain, migraines and headaches, immune disorders, and anxiety all benefit from these therapeutic massage treatments. Common, every day stresses also build up in the body, and tension collects in one’s tissues.  Massage can also provide emotional support because regular touch is vital in providing comfort and connection for any person. Regular massage treatments provided by a professional Registered Massage Therapist is an effective treatment for physical ailments and any condition that includes an element of stress.

Therapeutic touch is particularly important to treat poor circulation and nerve function resulting from insufficient movement, which can lead to further degeneration, shortening of muscles, and rigid joints. Gentle, soft-tissue manipulation and light stretching of the shortened muscles aids with comfort and movement. But restricted mobility and a lack of proper and comfortable transportation to access massage care facilities is often an issue for the very people who need it most. There is no need to worry about your family member’s mobility, restrictions caused by symptoms, or the hassle of planning how they’re going to get the help they need with Integracare coming to them. After all,hen your loved one needs treatment for stress, the last thing they need are complications.

In-home massage therapy is only one of the many Integracare health services offered by our qualified, experienced health care professionals, wherever our Clients call home. Our services include long- and short-term care, nursing care at all levels, 24-hour on-call coordination of care, complementary services, and light housekeeping, whether in-home, at a retirement residence, or in-hospital.

Your family member’s comfort and care are always of the utmost importance, and our healthcare professionals will openly discuss massage therapy or any of our other services. Massage appointments can be enhanced by staying hydrated and drinking water after the treatment to help flush toxins out of one’s system that are released during the manipulation of muscle tissues. A session could leave our Clients feeling relaxed and sleepy, or they may find the treatment to be quite invigorating with increased alertness and energy levels. Both results are completely normal and depends on the individual and the circumstance of that day.

Massage professionals warn that therapy may not be appropriate for everyone so our professional therapists will work with the Client’s specific condition, situation, and needs to ascertain if respectful at-home RMT care is the best personal option. We’re committed to providing care which fosters client independence and comfort wherever they call home.

Integracare provides high-quality, comprehensive private nursing and in-home support services. Integracare specialists develop individualized care plans, make regular supervisory calls and have registered nursing supervision for all caregivers 24/7, and provide support for both the client and their caregivers. Learn about our health care services on our site.