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The outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has brought the world to a standstill as health and government officials continue to research and analyze the virus. People are practicing social distancing by staying at home as much as possible and keeping at least two meters away from others in public spaces such as the grocery store or pharmacy.

The healthcare services for Seniors that Integracare provides are needed more than ever before. We are taking every professional recommendation very seriously, and we are constantly updating our staff with the latest information from local and global health resources. We want our Clients and their family members to know that, despite the challenges, we continue to put the health and safety of our Clients and Caregivers first.

It hasn’t been an easy process, but everyone on the Integracare team has been working diligently and selflessly to ensure that all of our Clients are safe, comfortable, healthy and receiving the highest quality care.

We believe that we are stronger and safer than ever, and here’s why.

Our Team of Heroes

COVID-19 has presented many challenges to the healthcare industry, but it has also created the need for many, including Integracare, to implement new approaches that have actually strengthened Integracare’s health and safety procedures. Our goal remains unchanged and we continue to exhibit compassion and empathy for all of our Clients while interacting with them safely and professionally.

Integracare’s Certified Personal Support Workers (PSWs) and Nursing Coordinators are working around the clock to ensure that Clients receive the care that they need. Every day our Caregivers put their health and safety on the line to treat our most vulnerable Clients. To prevent any potential spread of the virus, staff members who exhibit any COVID-19 symptom (for example, dry cough or fever), self-isolate at home for at least 14 days. Self-isolating not only protects Seniors from contracting COVID-19, but it also protects our PSWs and Nursing staff. A slight shortage in staff is a challenge but one we are willing to encounter in order to protect our Clients and Caregivers. The health of our team is essential to providing our Clients and loved ones with the support that is greatly needed at this time.

We continue to provide critical Dementia Care services to individuals who have Alzheimer’s Disease or other types of Dementia. Our PSWs and Nursing Coordinators now wear masks, gloves — and, thanks to a new partnership with Wood Workers Unite, comfortable, plastic face shields. Our Dementia Care services remain the highest quality, and our PSWs continue to receive Dementia Care education online.

We empathize with those who have loved ones suffering from the disease at any time, but we understand that it’s even more challenging right now. We are there for you and your loved ones — to let them know that they are not alone.

Our brave and compassionate PSWs and RPNs will take on last-minute shifts to make sure that Clients are safe and receive the care they need. Every person working as part of the Integracare team has been nothing short of heroic. Although we were aware of their outstanding compassion and professionalism before COVID-19, it’s been made even more apparent during this challenging time.

Our Commitment to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and New Practices

We understand the worry you must feel for loved ones since you’re not able to visit them right now. It’s especially hard for individuals with family members who receive Palliative Care services because of the uncertainty of what the future holds and how long public lockdowns will last. As one of the largest private, in-home healthcare companies in Toronto and Mississauga, we are committed to delivering the very best home healthcare services for all of our Clients.

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We continue to communicate openly and often with family members about the health and wellbeing of loved ones. We also want you to know that we are working around the clock and exploring every reputable and dependable service of critical Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for RPNs and PSWs. PPE is essential for our Caregivers that treat immunocompromised individuals in Palliative Care and all of our Clients. Individuals who are immunocompromised are most vulnerable to contracting the virus, and sadly, this prevents them from having many visitors.

We are doing our best to implement safe ways for immediate family members to communicate with them as much as possible. So far, this challenging time has taught us the value in preparation and how essential it is to always order more than enough supplies in case of emergencies and times of duress. We have been ahead of the curve in every way but especially in the procurement and strategies around PPE.

We are working hard to prepare for possible upcoming outbreaks and to ensure that if anything like this happens again in the future, that we’ll have the right amount of supplies and equipment for our hard-working staff. To learn more about us — and our ongoing plan to tackle COVID-19, you can always email us directly with questions or concerns.

Going Forward

No one can say with certainty when the pandemic will end or when a sense of normalcy will return. The healthcare system has been struck with the effects of COVID-19, and for now, all we can do is continue to work hard and to keep each other safe and healthy by staying at home if we show any symptoms and when appropriate, wearing PPE.

The demand for PPE is high, and what’s making the situation exceptionally challenging for all healthcare service providers is that there is also a shortage of this equipment. However, we are getting through this difficult time because of the commitment of our PSWs, RPNs, RNs and all the heroic members of the Integracare Family. Everyday we are evaluating our PPE needs and delivering gloves, masks, face shields, and gowns (if needed) daily to Caregivers. Their strength and dedication can’t be praised enough, and our Clients are all in exceptional hands right now.

We don’t know what life’s going to look like after COVID-19, but we do know that we are working harder than ever to ensure the wellbeing of our Clients. For many, the idea of a joyful life right now might seem far-reaching and abstract. Yet, when we see the smiles on Clients’ faces, we know that this hard work is worth it, and there is a joy to be found in all of this.

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This pandemic has created many challenges, and it hasn’t been easy adjusting to a new way of life. However, sometimes it’s in our darkest hours that we discover our truest strengths. We believe that this hurdle is making the Integracare family stronger than ever before. Check out our website for a full list of services that we continue to offer.

We might not know exactly what the other side of this is going to look like, but we do know that Integracare is going to be prepared and that our Clients and families will always be our number one priority.