How Technology is Revolutionizing Home Healthcare


Home healthcare is truly changing how people age. More and more Seniors are choosing to stay at home because that’s where they feel the safest and most comfortable. Living independently provides individuals with a sense of dignity and confidence that they’re unable to attain in assisted living facilities and nursing homes.

There are home care services in Toronto that offer top of the line services for your loved one with professional and well-trained Caregivers, Personal Support Workers (PSWs), Registered Practicing Nurses (RPNs), and a range of excellent health services that come right to your friend or family member’s door.

Integracare is a home healthcare provider for Seniors and we’re committed to providing the highest quality home healthcare which fosters the independence of Clients and joyful living wherever they call home.

In addition to Personal Support Services and Home Nursing in Toronto and Mississauga, we provide:


    • In-home Dementia Care
    • In-home Palliative Care
    • In-home Physiotherapy
    • In-home Wound Care
    • In-home Massage Therapy
    • And more


All of our Caregivers are handpicked and matched with our Clients, and our Registered Nursing Coordinators supervise and manage all care on a 24/7 basis.

There are many reasons why Seniors and families are deciding to go with home healthcare as opposed to moving into assisted living facilities. Let’s take a look at why this is, as well as how technology is enhancing care at home.


The Benefits of Home Healthcare for Seniors


Integracare brings healthcare services right to your loved one’s door. Our compassionate and professional team of Caregivers provides companionship, medical assistance, and help around the house.


Friendly and Expert Nursing Care


A significant benefit to Integracare’s home healthcare services is that Clients can experience private nursing with trained RPNs in the comfort and safety of their own home.  Our skilled and Registered medical professionals with knowledge about technically advanced medical equipment carry out specific critical medical procedures at your or your loved one’s home.

Integracare allows your loved one to receive the personalized care that they need right at their doorstep.


Routine and Daily Living


Our Caregivers can help with daily activities that include any basic necessities such as medicine reminders, bathing, grooming, and more. These facilities allow Seniors to get regular help along with their personal care requirements and their high quality of life is maintained.

Clients who suffer from serious diseases are discharged from the hospital after treatments and often grow very weak due to a lack of nutrition. Problems can worsen with illness, aging, and injury.

Home healthcare can include nutritional and dietary counseling as well as home-cooked meals that can prevent your loved one from lack of nutrition.


One-on-One Support

home health care for seniors


Clinical trials have proven that when Clients who suffer from chronic health issues such as diabetes or pneumonia partake in in-home healthcare, there are fewer complications and better health outcomes.

Clients receive customized one-on-one support from certified Caregivers and Registered Nurses or Registered Practical Nurses, allowing them to be treated in a better and faster manner. This personalized and skilled care strengthens the bond between Clients and their home healthcare professionals.


Multiple Medication Management

Handling multiple drugs and prescriptions can be confusing for Seniors, particularly if they experience Dementia. Our Caregivers help your loved one to consume the correct medicines, day or night, to control their medical conditions and prevent the intake of wrong medications.

Home healthcare experts can help your loved ones to consume the right medicines at the right time to control their medical conditions and prevent the intake of wrong drugs.


How Automation and Technology are Enhancing Home Healthcare


As a leading home healthcare provider, Integracare has invested heavily on automation to ensure that we’re delivering the best possible care to our Clients.

We recognize the need to stay competitive in our field, and we want to bring the most convenience and reliability to all of our Clients when it comes to service.

Consider the following technologies that are changing how Seniors and Caregivers interact with one another and how it’s optimizing home healthcare for good.


Mobile Fall Alerts and GPS Tracking


Many Seniors suffer from Dementia and memory loss, and it’s easy for them to get lost or confused.

In cases of emergency, such as when a loved one has been away from home for long periods of time, GPS tracking can help Caregivers, families, friends, or law enforcement individuals to locate them quickly.

Technologies with helpful features such as mobile alert services allow these devices to follow a hybrid approach that permits people to find the missing Seniors in hard to reach places. It can also assist by automated calling for assistance in case a Client falls.

Home GPS systems are a reason why so many people choose to age at home and why it’s increasingly becoming the healthcare of choice among Seniors.

Additionally, in the event that emergency health services are required, there can be a difference between life and death concerning the closest emergency squad and quick dispatching.

GPS tracking becomes a critical option in emergency business services and one that we believe is an important aspect of home healthcare.


Senior home healthcare providers have picked up interest in remote patient monitoring systems, as it’s become a significant trend around the globe. It makes it easier and much less stressful for families and Caregivers to care for Clients as sensors alert any abnormal activity around the house.

Sensors also prevent families from having to shift their loved one into another treatment facility because they provide comfort in knowing that they’re safe at all times.

Sensor technology can be placed on home premises, around windows and doors, as well as a Client’s appliances and equipment. They provide alerts to Caregivers and our Nursing Coordinators of any irregular activity.

They can also track and send notifications to Caregivers and our Nursing Coordinators if a Client misses a meal. This can be particularly important for Clients who deal with diseases such as Alzheimer’s or other types of Dementia. Such Clients can remain at home while their activities can be monitored on mobile healthcare apps and sensors.

Integracare is also exploring new predictive technology to prevent falls before they happen.


Remote Monitoring Tools

It’s a necessity for your loved one to have regular health monitoring. Many devices are available today which can be connected to smartphones to help reduce the costs and the time that is consumed when it comes to doctor visits in threatening health situations.

There are devices available that track and measure glucose and blood pressure levels, along with heart rate monitoring and other measurements. There are also different options in the form of fitness bands that keep a regular track of diet, sleep, and more.

Tools such as these allow the Client’s family members, Caregivers, and Nurses to maintain a detailed track of their daily healthcare needs and eradicate the need of calling a doctor repeatedly.

These technologies are excellent tools for a Client’s live in caregiver to utilize as they can keep track of your loved one at all times and ensure that they’re safe.

The advantages of home healthcare are bountiful. Your loved one can stay in the place that they call home and they won’t have to make any life-altering changes by moving to an unfamiliar place.

Aging is tough enough as it is. By staying in a familiar place filled with love, compassion, skilled experts, and technological advances, your loved one will remain comfortable and be genuinely looked after.

To learn more about us and to find out how Integracare can provide support to you and your loved one, please get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!