How Can a Live-in Personal Support Worker Help Out at Home?

An entire generation is now entering their Senior years, and as their children and grandchildren it is up to us to give them the health care and support that they need.

However, as we are all incredibly busy with our own lives — jobs, kids, trying to maintain a social life — it is sometimes difficult to devote the time and attention that we would like to our loved ones.

More and more Seniors are choosing to stay at home as they age because they want to be in a place that feels safe, familiar, and comfortable. Having to remove oneself from a beloved home can be traumatizing for some people.

There are better options available today that offer one-on-one support for Seniors. Discover Integracare — Toronto’s most trusted in-home health care provider — a company that for nearly 30 years has been giving Seniors an improved quality of life.

We believe that people deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, and to have full attention from their health care staff.

At assisted living facilities and nursing homes, residents can become lost as facilities deal with under staffing and Residents don’t receive the face-to-face, 24/7 attention that they really deserve.

Home health care is a better option for those who wish to keep their independence for as long as possible.

Integracare provides highly educated, experienced, dependable and compassionate Personal Support Workers (PSWs) and Registered Practical Nurses (RPNs) to Clients to assist with everything from daily chores such as cooking and cleaning to wound care, bathing, and more.

Although you’d like to, you can’t always be there for your loved one but you rest assured that we will be there for you and your loved one.

Consider the benefits of home health care for Seniors and how a team of expert PSWs and/or RPNs can boost your family member or friend’s quality of life.


Personalized Care


Integracare provides you and your family the peace of mind that your loved one has the essential care that they require based on their unique and customized needs.

Integracare offers personalized live in care in Toronto and Mississauga with specially trained PSWs and RPNs.

Our PSWs and RPNs are all certified or registered with extensive training, and we also employ professional Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs) and Physiotherapists to give your friend or family member the best possible home health care Toronto has to offer.

If your loved one suffers from mobility issues, our RMTs and Registered Physiotherapists will make their comfort and wellbeing a priority with regular treatment visits at home.

If you or your loved one requires medication management or wound care, Integracare has Registered Nurses and Specialist Wound Care Nurses to provide the proper care and support as required.

It is important for you to know that your loved one is safe and in a happy, therapeutic environment in the familiar space of home.

You can rest easy knowing your loved one has 24/7 support from compassionate and well-educated Caregivers.


Enhanced Quality of Life


When an individual makes the decision to age at home they are choosing to extend and improve their overall quality of life by postponing institutionalization and delaying premature decline.

Aging parents and loved ones remain in charge of their own lives for as long as possible when they’re encouraged to remain independent and to practice self-care (with a little help from their PSW).

Studies have shown that Seniors report high rates of personal satisfaction from aging at home and unlike other types of health care, in-home care helps to lengthen life by eliminating stressors related to aging in a nursing home or an assisted living facility.

When you work with Integracare, you can enrich the quality of your loved one’s later years with engaging and understanding PSWs.

In addition to personal care, our Integracare Caregivers help with many things around the house including:


  • Meal preparation
  • Assistance with bathing and toileting
  • Walking and feeding a family pet
  • Grocery shopping
  • Medicine management
  • And more


Limited Change and Stressors


Aging at home allows Seniors to sustain their usual routines. Change such as different mealtimes or being restricted to a dictated routine can have a detrimental effect on a Senior’s life.

A change of residence can be disorienting, particularly if your loved one suffers from Alzheimer’s disease or another type of Dementia.

Having to make these adjustments to daily life can be very challenging and stressful for Seniors.

Those who decide to age in place typically just need to put supports in place — such as home modifications and meal preparation assistance so that they can continue their everyday, normal routines.

Integracare prides itself on providing some of the very best in-home nursing care in Toronto and the surrounding area.

Our RPNs will assist with any sort of medical treatment your loved one needs, and they do it with compassion, kindness, as well as expertise. They help make the transition into home health care easy and stress-free.

Reduced Risk of Illness


Assisted living facilities can be full of contagious illnesses such as cold and flu, and they spread quickly because there are usually a large number of residents sharing the space.

In contrast, aging in place at home lowers the risk of catching these illnesses. Staying in a familiar environment greatly reduces stress and it allows for quality support for both healing the mind and the body.

Recovery at home has shown to accelerate healing in older adults faster than in a hospital or a nursing home setting. Also, there is less of a chance of re-hospitalization when an individual recuperates at home.

One of the benefits of a live in Caregiver is that your loved one will have support at all times, day or night.

Our RPNs and Registered Nursing Coordinators are also on-call 24/7 and in case of any type of emergency provide the support and health care advice that you may need.


More Time to Spend with Family and Friends

How Can a Live-in Personal Support Worker Help Out at Home?
Unlike assisted living facilities, there are no restrictions or rules that dictate visiting hours. Seniors who decide to age at home and in their familiar environment are given the freedom to see whomever they choose at their own discretion.

Isolation is a common trend among Seniors living in assisted nursing home facilities. When this occurs it’s often challenging to identify given the large group setting.

Living at home allows visitors to stay for extended periods of time and as often as the loved one desires. It’s an important advantage and an integral component to maintaining their emotional and mental health.

Socialization is a critical part of staying healthy and happy while getting older. Not only will your loved one develop a strong friendship with their live-in PSW and Caregiving team, but they’ll also have the opportunity to see their friends and family members at multiple times without having to abide to institutional rules and regulations.

Your friend and family member will benefit immensely with the help from a live-in Caregiver. They’ll develop a trusting, long-lasting friendship that will be strong and meaningful.

Additionally, you can feel more confident knowing that your loved one will always be in good hands and taken care of.

You can’t always be there for them, but we can. Allow our Caregivers to provide your loved one with dignity and respect as they age at home. We’ll be there throughout every step of the journey.