Hobbies for Seniors

A nutritious diet, positive health choices, and exercise all contribute to helping Seniors feel more energetic and at their best. In fact, healthy longevity requires us to engage in mental and social activity just as much we participate in physical activity. Mental, social, and physical stimulation are critical to healthy aging.

Leisure activities, hobbies, and a rich social network are essential factors that correlate with avoiding loneliness and isolation as well as living longer.

Integracare is a home healthcare provider that delivers essential Toronto and Mississauga elder care services directly to your loved one’s door. Home healthcare is an opportunity for Seniors to age gracefully in their own home, surrounded by community and familiarity.

When individuals have the opportunity to live and age at home, they can engage in many activities within their homes and communities. Unlike a nursing home or an assisted living facility, there are no restrictive schedules or rules.

We are strong believers in keeping our Senior Clients active and engaged — both physically and mentally. Consider the following list of fun, interactive, and mentally stimulating hobbies for Seniors. Your family member or friend will feel healthier, stronger, and happier.


Aqua Fit and Water Activities


Aquafit is an effective solution for Seniors who wish to avoid the risk of falling or injury while exercising. Being in a controlled environment of water is a powerful way to stay active, especially if there are chronic health conditions to consider such as joint problems, arthritis, and circulation issues.

Unlike sports that require you to perform on-land, aquafit is easy on the joints. The buoyancy of the pool’s water supports the weight of the body against gravity’s impact, and this allows you to land easily.

There is a reduced impact on the knees, back, hips, and ankles. This gives aqua fit a protective quality for delicate joints, ligaments, and tendons, which reduces the risk of injuries and damage such as stress fractures, muscle soreness, and even broken bones.

One of the health care agency services that we’re proud to deliver is arranging transportation for Clients to and from activities such as aquafit and other activities. Because we care about your loved one’s physical and mental wellbeing, our Caregivers are happy to cheer them on and support them in every way possible.

If there are mobility issues present, we may be able to get right into the action with your loved one to assist them in the water, or anywhere else.

Our Caregivers are trained to handle individuals with Arthritis and other chronic conditions.


Pet Ownership


If your loved one is of able mind and body, then a pet can provide a Senior with endless companionship and a sense of purpose. Depending on whether they’re a cat or a dog person (or any animal) strong bonds can be made between pets and Seniors.

One of the great aspects of living at home with support from home healthcare is that Clients are able to keep pets and look after them. Owning a pet combats feelings of loneliness or boredom, as there is always something to do and “someone” to be around.

senior care pets
With the help of a Caregiver, your loved one can walk and feed their pet as well as take trips to the pet store to purchase toys and winter jackets. Pets become family members. They provide Seniors loving companionship that is unlike any other type of relationship.

Even the simple act of stroking a pet is believed to reduce the level of stress-related hormones in the blood. For example, a hormone called oxytocin is released while stroking a dog, and this is linked to anxiety relief.

Ask any pet owner what it’s like to have a lovable, furry little friend to take care of. Chances are their faces will light up as soon they mention their pet’s name.


Chair Yoga


Yoga is an excellent way to keep physically active while at the same time maintaining good mental health. The best part about yoga is that you can go at your own pace, and you can even practice while sitting down.

If your loved is unable to attend yoga classes outside of the home, Integracare Caregivers are trained to practice basic yet critical chair yoga moves with Clients. The benefits of yoga for Seniors are numerous. Some of those include:


  • A lowered risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Recovery from strokes and surgery
  • Managing arthritis, pain, and inflammation
  • Managing digestive issues like IBS
  • Improving sleep quality
  • Managing depression and anxiety
  • Fall prevention


Utilizing gentle movements and poses such as the Chair Cat-Cow or Warrior Series, your loved one can benefit greatly from practicing chair yoga for about 20-30 minutes a day.

Integracare delivers trusted dementia care in Toronto and Mississauga to Clients who suffer from dementia-related illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease. We believe that a little bit of yoga and meditation goes a long way for these Clients.

Studies have shown that practicing yoga and meditation can reduce symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, and these activities can also help Clients and Caregivers communicate and socialize better.

Chronic stress is common among Seniors. Stress hormones can negatively affect brain structures that are important to memory and cognition, such as the hippocampus. Chronic stress is also associated with inflammation in the body and in the central nervous system, which is linked to Alzheimer’s disease.

Yoga can reduce stress hormones and factors related to inflammation, and can teach an individual over time how to effectively cope and protect the body from responding to stress in an aggressive or frightened manner.


Community Centres


Community centres are places for Seniors to socialize and interact with other Seniors. They offer recreational, cultural, and learning programs for Seniors to promote health and wellbeing.

Even with a supportive family, aging can trigger feelings of loneliness and isolation. Engaging with people who are of similar age and have similar interests can work wonders for an individual’s mental and emotional health.

Community centres and the activities that are offered also provide participants independence and a life of their own.

Find a community space that offers stimulating book clubs, ballroom dancing lessons, or art classes — there are unlimited opportunities for your loved one to make new friends, learn a new skill, and boost their confidence.




Our Caregivers are always more than delighted to engage with Clients creatively. A fun and nourishing activity is gardening. Even if your loved one doesn’t have full access to an outdoor space, they can plant flowers and indoor plants within their home or apartment.

The benefits of gardening are both numerous and surprising. Watching something grow that you’ve cultivated and looked after heightens self-esteem. It’s also a great stress-reducer. It’s calming and relaxing to nurture a living thing.

It’s a particularly fun and rewarding activity when shared —your loved one and his or her Caregiver can build something beautiful together.

Maintaining an active social life and engaging in stimulating activities are both crucial factors to a healthy life. To learn more about how Integracare can help your loved one find the happiness they deserve and reach out today for more information.

When our Clients share activities with supportive and compassionate Caregivers they’re living life with vigor and inspiration. Improving the quality of life for all of our Clients is our number one priority.

We’ll help you and your family member or friend discover the right hobby and activity that will bring them joy and keep them busy.

Regardless of age, illness, mobility issues, there is a hobby for everyone. We’ll help you find that piece of the puzzle that will bring joy and engagement for your loved one.