Everything You Need to Know about Palliative Care

Watching family members and loved ones age is not an easy task. It’s tough to see the people we love become weaker as they start to rely heavier on others for their wellbeing.

It’s even harder if that person has been diagnosed with a serious condition or life-threatening illness. It’s not something that you should have to deal with on your own. In fact, if your loved one suffers from a medical condition, they will need professional help and guidance that you may not be able to provide without the assistance of others.

These are the moments in our lives that are best spent at home. Unless it’s absolutely necessary, people with serious illnesses often choose to spend their aging years in the comfort of home.

Why put you and your family through the pain of finding an assisted nursing home facility for your loved one? In addition to the challenges associate with moving and transition, living in a facility can be incredibly expensive, overcrowded, and your loved one wouldn’t receive the customized, one-on-one attention that they deserve.

In addition, staying at home allows them to stick to a routine and remain as normalized as possible, and they wouldn’t have to leave behind a place that offers stability, familiarity and comfort.

Integracare is a Palliative Care agency that offers home support 24-hours a day to Clients with life-threatening illnesses. We have been serving Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area for nearly 30 years. We believe that everyone has the right to high-quality care and to live with dignity wherever they call home.

Our Palliative Care team is trained to handle health situations of all sorts. We have a full staff of Registered Practicing Nurses (RPNs) and Personal Support Workers (PSWs) that are educated in Palliative Care and improve the life of your loved one with customized care and support.

If someone you love has recently been diagnosed with a serious illness, consider how Palliative Care might benefit by considering its advantages and how it’s a crucial component to any healthcare plan.


The Essential Facts about Palliative Care


Palliative Care is a type of interdisciplinary treatment that coincides with other healthcare treatments such as chemotherapy. It is meant to treat the symptoms of serious illnesses and the harsh medical procedures that are ascribed to treating patients, such as chemotherapy. It’s meant to help patients with physical, emotional, and physiological symptoms.

The intention is to increase the quality of life for patients while they undergo treatments for their disease.

It’s recommended for individuals who have been diagnosed with the following:


  • Cancer
  • Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia-related illnesses
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Kidney failure
  • Congestive heart failure
  • ALS and Lou Gehrig’s disease
  • Arthritis
  • And other life-threatening diseases


It’s critical to formulate a plan as quickly as possible when someone close to you has been diagnosed with an illness that is life-limiting. We understand how difficult this process can be. It’s easy to conceptualize a situation that involves loved ones and illness, but it’s quite a different story to actually conduct it in reality.

At Integracare, we offer Clients compassion, support and empathy. We take time to understand your loved one’s case by talking to them as well as their doctors, understanding their unique symptoms that they experience, and developing a Client-centred care plan that they’ll need in order to feel loved and comforted.

Palliative Care for cancer patients

Our Caregivers, PSWs, and RPNs are all highly educated and trained in their fields. We take our hiring process extremely serious, and the screening process is rigorous. The Palliative Care for cancer patients and all of our Clients is the best in-home Palliative Care in the GTA.

We focus on making people pain-free, both physically and emotionally. Integracare Palliative Care is comprised of:


  • Paying close attention to physical symptoms such as nausea, loss of appetite, confusion, and insomnia
  • Providing sincere companionship and a loving, empathetic ear to all Clients
  • Tending to the concerns of other family members and making sure their voices are heard
  • Ensuring that Clients are treated with respect and dignity at all times
  • Respecting the cultural traditions and needs of Clients and their families
  • Using a team approach to provide support on all levels, including PSWs, spiritual advisors, physiotherapists, Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs), and other medical staff


We have a diverse team of outstanding Caregivers. In addition to providing compassionate Palliative Care, we also provide Clients with gentle massage therapy and physiotherapy.

These services help diminish physical symptoms of pain and help treat other symptoms such as depression, insomnia, and headaches.

Our RMTs and certified physiotherapists come directly to your loved one’s door with any necessary equipment. That is one of the conveniences of Integracare’s Palliative Care at home — Clients don’t have to leave their homes to receive vital, nourishing services that will help and comfort them.

Acquiring the right assistive devices and medical equipment is an important aspect of Palliative Care, and families sometimes struggle with attaining the right devices. Integracare can help you receive the medical equipment and assistive devices you need to make the transition to home healthcare easy and effective.

There is a number of non-prescription pharmacy and nursing supplies that Integracare can also procure for you and your loved one including:



You won’t have to worry about a thing. Leave the healthcare to us so you can spend quality time with your loved one and family.

The Core Principles of Palliative Care


Our approach to Palliative Care is all about diminishing suffering and providing support to all of our Clients. We do this by delivering three essential aspects of care:

  • Pain Management: Our trained Caregivers help to maintain pain that occurs from illness and other treatments by offering massage therapy, gentle exercise, and activities, as well as managing any medications prescribed by a doctor. Our RMTs are fully trained to operate medical devices, and we also offer wound care when needed.
  • Emotional Support: We offer friendship to Clients and are there when you’re unable to be. We can suggest psychological support for individuals who might experience heightened bouts of depression or anxiety during this challenging time.
  • Spiritual Support: We’re not a spiritual agency at Integracare, but we can work with family members and speak with spiritual leaders in your community if your loved one would like to feel closer to their faith.

We truly believe that being comfortable at home has advantages that you can’t find in a facility. Our Clients receive personalized one-on-one care and our Palliative Care team is there 24 hours a day, if necessary.

Let us help you and your family find some peace during this turbulent time. It’s not always going to be smooth, but with our professional and empathetic team of Caregivers, you can rest easy knowing your loved one is in good, kindly hands.

For more information on Integracare’s Palliative Care services, please visit https://integracare.on.ca/palliative-care/ and call for a free in-home assessment.