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Employees of Excellence

Anyone who comes to our office can immediately see the Employees who have been named Employee Of Excellence. Have you ever wondered how they were chosen? Here are our criteria!

Criteria for Employee of Excellence includes:

  • Treat our clients with respect maintaining their dignity at all times
  • Able to anticipate client needs and meet them appropriately
  • Always reports at the appropriate time
  • Flexible in availability
  • Proven reliability
  • Always on time
  • Always in proper Integracare uniform
  • Proactive
  • Represent the company in a professional manner
  • Always consistent with charting which is signed off appropriately


It is our annual evaluation time again! All employees will be asked to come into the office to meet with Lisa over the next few months. As a reminder, you will be required to make sure your employee file is up to date with all of the requirements. If anything is outstanding, be Proactive and get it completed before your review.

They include:

  • Every year WHMIS, CPR, Integrated standards/AODA, declaration of good character and health
  • First Aid—Every 3 years
  • Mask Fit Testing—Every 2 years
  • Reporting on your client(s) - Weekly
  • Failure to update requirements will affect being placed

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· Registered Practical Nurses · Registered Nurses · Supervision by Registered Nurses

In Home Support · Foot Care · Wound or Dressing Care · Dementia Care · Palliative Care · Newborn Assistance · Physiotherapy · Massage Therapy
· Rental or Sale of Assistive Devices · Disposable Supplies · Essential Shopping · Transportation Assistance · Flu Shot Clinics