Aging at Home: The Comfortable Choice

Quality of life is an integral component to anyone’s life, but when you’re a Senior it’s critical. As we age our bodies tend to break down, whether it be because of developed arthritis or other serious illnesses, it can sometimes be a challenging process. Often as we get older we become unable to take care of ourselves on our own and require additional help.

Three Exciting Thanksgiving Activities for Seniors and Families

For Canadians, October is the first month of the holiday season because it’s when we celebrate Thanksgiving. It’s the first opportunity to get the family together for a big holiday meal and to bask in the glow of a delicious turkey dinner (or whatever type of food your family prefers!)

Understanding the Essentials of Palliative Care

To see someone dear to you face the end of life is always challenging. Figuring out health care options can feel confusing and overwhelming, and when you’re grappling with difficult choices and trying to maintain stability in your own life during a time of crisis, it can feel nearly impossible to find time to just sit down and breathe.

Compassionate Palliative Health Care at Home

In the late 1950s, Dr. Cicely Saunders decided to devote a significant portion of her practice toward individuals suffering from chronic and life-threatening diseases, based on careful observation of her patients. She advocated that only a specialized, interdisciplinary team could relieve the “total pain” of a patient. This team concept is still at the very core of Palliative care.

Aging Conveniently: The Benefits of In-Home Health Care

These days, more and more Seniors are choosing to age at home rather than move into a nursing facility. It used to be common practice to abandon cherished homes in order to move into assisted living or nursing homes where people often feel anonymous and isolated from their outside lives.

Taking Compassion to the Next Level: The Benefits of an In-home Caregiver

It used to be common practice and even an expectation that Seniors would eventually leave their homes and move into assisted living or nursing home facilities. However, with the myriad of resources and home health care services available today, many Seniors are choosing to stay in their homes, where they feel most comfortable and independent.