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Don’t Feed the Fraudsters – Follow These Tips to Stay Safe
April 29th, 2019

Scams can happen to anyone. A trustworthy voice tells you over the phone that you’ve won a prize from Better Homes and Gardens, and that all you have to do is pay the small advance fee and you can claim your winnings. You think to yourself, ‘well, I do subscribe to that magazine, and perhaps they […]

10 Fun Brain Games That Help Cognition and Memory
April 25th, 2019

Everyone enjoys a good brain game every once in a while, and certainly Seniors are no different. In the same way that walks, stretches and sports help people improve their physical health, brain games and puzzles can help people improve their mental acuity and memory, which is important as we age. On this blog, we’ve […]

8 Hobbies for Seniors in the GTA
April 22nd, 2019

Fitness is undoubtedly a key cornerstone to happy, healthy living. This is especially important for Seniors. We’ve expounded its many benefits on this very blog, and discussed ways for Seniors to stay active either outside or from the comfort of their own home. But fitness is only one facet of activity; being active is also about […]

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