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About Lee Grunberg

Lee joined Integracare as President & CEO on August 2, 2016 after an approximately 20 year career in Private Equity and Investment Banking. Lee brings tremendous operational knowledge and governance experience along with an incredible passion and energy to Integracare.

The Benefits of Aging at Home

Discussing home health care options with family members is never an easy thing to do, but with the right in-home healthcare service provider that understands you and your family’s individual needs, you can relax knowing that you and your loved ones are in good hands. The questions you might be asking yourself are: How do you choose the right home health care provider? What essential qualities must you look for in-home health care professionals? How do you safely place your family member’s well-being with someone you’ve never met before? For over 27 years, Integracare has been serving Toronto and Mississauga’s communities by providing exceptional home health care for Seniors. We have worked in home health care for a long time, and we understand the fears and anxieties that families experience when tough decisions have to be made. Our mission at Integracare is to offer services that foster independence and joyful [...]

Don’t Feed the Fraudsters – Follow These Tips to Stay Safe

Scams can happen to anyone. A trustworthy voice tells you over the phone that you’ve won a prize from Better Homes and Gardens, and that all you have to do is pay the small advance fee and you can claim your winnings. You think to yourself, ‘well, I do subscribe to that magazine, and perhaps they pulled my name from a raffle’. It sounds plausible enough.

Sleep Problems and Aging: The Causes and Solutions

Kids seem to have the ability to sleep on command, whether they’re on the couch, in the car or even at the dinner table. But as we grow older, we lose some of that ability, resigning ourselves to lighter and more interrupted sleep. Unfortunately, a lack of sleep can lead to a battery of other health issues.

The Integracare Difference

The difference that in-home care can make to the life of a Senior is unquantifiable. This is especially true when that in-home care is compassionate, attentive, detailed and dedicated to respect, as the health care professionals are at Integracare. Every single member of our Integracare Family is committed to providing the highest quality private home health care services to residents in the GTA and Mississauga, working closely with Clients and their families to develop the best possible person-centered care plans.

9 Stretches and Exercises Perfect for Seniors

A sedentary lifestyle is not really great for anyone, regardless of age. Even a little bit of exercise – whatever you are capable of – is enough to improve your quality of life. Stretching and exercise can help you remain loose and limber; it can improve your balance, reducing the risk of falls; it can strengthen your muscles, helping you live more independently; it can improve your cardiovascular system, helping your heart beat happily and healthily; and it can even facilitate social connections with other like-minded people.

Mobile Help 10 Apps Perfect for Seniors

Great strides are being  made in the fields of mobile technology and assistive software, and as a result people are becoming more and more reliant on their mobile devices. Whether it’s fetching a ride somewhere, reading the news, booking a hotel or even filing taxes, it seems that almost every task that once required physical mobility and effort has now been automated and available at your finger tips.