Quality of life is an integral component to anyone’s life, but when you’re a Senior it’s critical. As we age our bodies tend to break down, whether it be because of developed arthritis or other serious illnesses, it can sometimes be a challenging process. Often as we get older we become unable to take care of ourselves on our own and require additional help.


If there is a Senior in your life that means a lot to you, you’ll want the very best for them. Even when you can’t be there for them 24/7, you want to feel secure knowing that they are cared for and that they are experiencing joy in their life.


More and more Seniors are taking advantage of in-home health care services. When your loved one receives care at home, they can age independently and in a familiar space. They receive one-on-one care and full attention from their caregiving team and are not just a number or a face in the crowd.


Integracare is Toronto’s most trusted Home Care agency and we offer several crucial services that increase the quality of life for your loved one.


We are committed to providing our Clients with outstanding care and high quality of life. For almost 30 years we have been enriching the lives of Seniors in Toronto and the GTA with our professional team of compassionate Caregivers.


Our goal is to provide home health care that puts our Clients first. We believe in person-centered care plans that place your family member or friend at the heart of the work we do to meet their needs.


Our team is devoted to helping our Clients age with dignity and to maintain their independence and quality of life at home by giving the best that home health care has to offer.


What Does Home Health Care Entail?


At Integracare, the first step in ensuring the best possible care for your loved one is to hire the best Caregivers. Our hiring process involves a series of security and background checks and all of our Caregivers are certified or registered professionals.


On a personal level, we look for individuals who exhibit compassion and are capable of engaging with our Clients and demonstrating empathy. It’s not always an easy job, so we ensure that all of our staff are not only experts in health care from a professional standpoint but that they are also caring and genuinely interested in the wellbeing of Integracare Clients.


Our Caregivers come to your loved one’s residence, wherever that may be so that they won’t have to leave the comforts of their own home. It’s a safe and convenient way to give the person that you love support and the health services that they need.


Seniors are choosing to stay at home as opposed to moving into assisted living communities or nursing facilities. They appreciate the private care and the freedom to spend time in their own home — a place that they know and love.


We offer a myriad of crucial services for Seniors, including:


  • Personal Support Services;
  • Live-In Care;
  • Registered Practicing Nursing Care;
  • Dementia Care;
  • Palliative Care;
  • Massage Therapy;
  • Physiotherapy; and
  • Much more


Our Caregivers develop strong connections with Clients and they become integral parts of each other’s lives. They spend quality time together and the bond that is created is extremely special.


At Integracare we pride ourselves on providing top quality Dementia Care from the most educated Caregivers. If your family member or friend has developed Alzheimer’s disease or another type of Dementia, consider why Home Care in Toronto and the GTA might be the best option for them.

At-Home Dementia Care


Sadly, when an individual has been diagnosed with Dementia the symptoms will progress as time passes. Your loved one’s Caregiver needs to be fully competent and prepared to work with the Client as the disease advances.


Our Caregivers provide assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) as they begin to become more challenging. Some of these ADLs include:


  • Meal Preparation: As time goes on with Dementia, feeding oneself becomes increasingly difficult. Our Caregivers take over food preparation as cooking can be dangerous for someone with reduced coordination and memory loss.
  • Personal Hygiene: This could include help with bathing, showering, dental care, nail care, grooming tasks — anything that becomes difficult with reduced coordination and mobility.
  • Continence: Dementia can reduce the mental and physical capacity to use the bathroom. Limited mobility and inability to go on and off the toilet can aggravate the issue. Our Caregivers have extensive training and are there to help with toileting.


You won’t have to worry about the welfare of your family member or friend again with the support of Integracare. Our Caregivers are there for you and your family whenever you need it.


Why Is Home Health Care Better?

Home Health Care


Nothing says comfort quite like home. Your home is the place where you feel most familiar and where you can be your truest self. When you’ve been living in the same place for many years the idea of having to leave it can be traumatizing.


Even if it hasn’t been a long time, moving is incredibly stressful and it takes a lot of physical and mental energy — particularly for Seniors.


Home Care Helps Maintain Independence


There are some age-related illnesses that make daily activities difficult. Physical and cognitive decline can prevent individuals from tasks that were once taken for granted. At a certain point, some Seniors require help from others to accomplish these everyday tasks. At this point, total independence is no longer possible.


However, with the help of professional Caregivers, friends, and family, Seniors can maintain aspects of their independence while staying at home. Most importantly, they have control over their activities, routines, and life decisions.


This type of independence is simply not possible at nursing and assisted living facilities. There are restrictions and rules to follow, and residents have limited control over their routines.


Home Care Allows One to Remain in a Familiar Setting

Home Health Care


Home feels secure and it’s safe. To leave it as a Senior can be extremely difficult and confusing.


The emotional value of home outweighs its monetary value because, for a Senior, home is a cherished space that is truly their own.


Some Seniors adapt to facility living easily, but many never truly feel at home in a nursing home or assisted living.


When a Senior is given the opportunity to age-in-place they have the option to remain in a cherished and familiar space that they call home. It’s a critical factor that should be considered in anyone’s life.


Home Care can be a Healthier and Safer Solution


Studies have shown that some Seniors believe that staying at home is a safer and healthier choice than living in an assisted living community. Due to the volume of individuals cohabiting at nursing and assisted living facilities, the chances of germs spreading to a broader range of people is high.


There is also the real emotional turmoil of homesickness. This is a valid emotional state that some Seniors experience when they leave their own homes. Seniors who experience homesickness are prone to depression and stress, both of which accelerate physical and cognitive decline.


As mentioned above, there is an increased risk of infection. Nursing home residences are at a higher risk of bacterial and viral infections, including life-threatening infections such as pneumonia.


The benefits of in home health care include an increase in the quality of life of Seniors. They’re not exposed to external infections, and they are able to relax in a familiar place that they love.


If there is someone in your life that is about to make a big decision, consider the advantages of Home Care. There is a reason why the phrase, home is where the heart is, exists — it’s true!