Dementia Progression: How to Deal with Worsening Symptoms

While many Seniors living with Dementia lead happy and fulfilling lives after their diagnosis, their treatment options can only slow the progression of the disease — not stop it. Over time, the mild symptoms that motivate someone to seek treatment will evolve. Their symptoms will eventually worsen until a person requires daily support from family Caregivers, nursing staff at long-term care homes, or home health care professionals, like the team at Integracare. Knowing your experience with Dementia will change with time can be challenging for everyone involved — whether you live with Dementia or take care of a family member with the disease. However, coping strategies can help you manage symptoms as they progress. As the best and most qualified provider of at home Dementia Care in Mississauga and Toronto, we know which coping strategies work. That’s why we’re shining a spotlight on Dementia, explaining such things as why [...]