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The Healing Power of Massage in Palliative Care

Touch is the very first sense we acquire, and it can often be taken for granted. Its healing power is immense, and studies have shown that there are healthful benefits for patients receiving Palliative Care in nonverbal communication such as a squeeze of the hand, a gentle hug, or various forms of skin-to-skin contact. Massage therapy originated in ancient China, and has been practiced for thousands of years to ease physical and mental stress. It is suggested that touch releases hormones in the body and it creates a sense of emotional connection. The healing and health benefits of massage therapy are numerous, and for those in Palliative Care, it provides a unique sense of comfort that is unlike any other type of therapy, particularly if a patient experiences painful symptoms from illnesses or treatments such as Chemotherapy. When curative treatment is no longer appropriate, the significance is placed on measuring [...]

The Benefits of Aging at Home

Discussing home health care options with family members is never an easy thing to do, but with the right in-home healthcare service provider that understands you and your family’s individual needs, you can relax knowing that you and your loved ones are in good hands. The questions you might be asking yourself are: How do you choose the right home health care provider? What essential qualities must you look for in-home health care professionals? How do you safely place your family member’s well-being with someone you’ve never met before? For over 27 years, Integracare has been serving Toronto and Mississauga’s communities by providing exceptional home health care for Seniors. We have worked in home health care for a long time, and we understand the fears and anxieties that families experience when tough decisions have to be made. Our mission at Integracare is to offer services that foster independence and joyful [...]