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Should My Caregiver Drive?
October 8th, 2014

Our quick answer is: No.

As a matter of company policy, our employees are not permitted to drive you, whether in your car or theirs.

There Is A Quick Solution!

Integracare has accounts with taxi companies and can provide you with a book of taxi tickets that will enable you to call a cab to get around the city without worry and without cash.

Taxis can be used with or without a caregiver present.

Our goal is to make things easier for you and reflect your degree of independence and mobility.

Why Can’t My Caregiver Just Drive My Car?

  • Integracare has your safety and comfort in mind. You wouldn’t ask a taxi driver to be a caregiver, so can you always expect caregivers to become drivers?  As our traffic becomes worse and worse, it is a mistake to assume that everyone is comfortable driving in the city, something that you may take for granted.
  • If driving, your caregiver’s priorities are in conflict. When behind the wheel, drivers must concentrate on driving, not caring for you.  The last thing wanted is to hurt or embarrass you, but an accident could do both.
  • Integracare employees have worked hard to qualify to be professional caregivers with constant attention to your wellbeing and needs. They are not trained drivers and there is no way of knowing whether a good caregiver is also a good driver.  Are they familiar with your part of the city or comfortable and competent with your vehicle?
  • The most frequent need for a car is to visit the doctor. If our caregiver drops you off while parking, caring for you is no longer her primary task.  And if, while parking, the caregiver’s mind is on you, there is increased risk of a parking lot accident.
  • At first blush, the risk may seem minimal, but insurance laws in North America are complex. Asking our employee to drive is introducing unnecessary and unacceptable risks and liabilities to you, her and our company.

So arrive safely; take a cab.
We can make that as easy as possible.

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